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Östersund is a nice city with many nearby interesting attractions. Vary your ways of travel and let you find new experiences.

In Östersund
In Östersund
  • Cykla cykelkarta Östersund Frösön Turförslag
  • Map cycle lanes

  • Discover Östersund by bike.

  • Cykla i Östersund, Lånecykel, uthyrning cykel
  • Rent a bike

  • 1 April - 30 Sept
  • Cycling is great fun and a briliant way getting to know the city!

  • Cykla i Östersund
  • Take a bike ride

  • Road biking, mountain biking or bike performs on the verge of downhill.

  • Buses

  • Discover Östersund by bus

  • Strosa runt i hamnen i Östersund
  • On the lake

  • Take a boattrip to Verkö island