Shopping Östersund

A little of everything or plenty of it all? Östersund has long been a hub for meeting and trading, and will continue to be so. It has a rich variety of shops, despite the city not being particularly large. It may not be a big city, but the centre buzzes with life during the summer. The larger chain stores are found alongside smaller local shops, making shopping in Östersund a different experience.

  • Shopping i Östersund
  • Shopping weekend

  • Relax and enjoy a shopping weekend in Östersund.

  • Shopping gågatan
  • Opening hours in the city

  • Opening hours for the shops in the city centre.

  • Gårdsbutik mat
  • Farm shops

  • Stores with locally produced food as well as the tastes of Europe.

  • Second hand Loppis
  • Second hand shopping

  • Here you can browse through old stuff and maybe make the odd bargain.

  • Birgerböcker barnbok
  • Gifts & souvenirs

  • At Visit Östersund you will find a variety of gifts and souvenirs for yourself and your friends.

  • Shopping with På Stan-häftet

  • March - October
  • Cinema & Dinner

  • Enjoy a lovely two course dinner and watch any film you want at the Cinema!

  • Citychecken the city´s best gift

  • City Checks is valid in most of the city's stores - you can get them at Visit Östersund.