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10 workation-tips in Östersund

Looking for a Workation in Sweden ? Here are 10 Workation-tips in Östersund.

The city close to the mountains, with great outdoor life and nature. At the same time, Östersund offers city pulse with great opportunities for inspiring work, a rich cultural life, and good and creative food and drink. Here are ten tips for those who want to try a workation in Östersund.

1. Find a good Co-working space

Either settle down in one of Gomorron Östersund’s homely spaces, kickstart your workday with an in-house roasted coffee at Norra station, or fully immerse yourself in one of Nummer Ett’s spaces.

All co-working places offer solutions for both fixed and flexible workstations, allowing you to socialize with others in creative environments. Swing by all three and find the style that suits you!

2. Places to stay

Similar to the co-working spaces, there are several accommodation options in Östersund. Both Gomorron Inn and Hotell Zäta offer long-stay possibilities: Just visit the different places and choose something that suits your preferences. Can’t find anything suitable? – No need to panic! There are plenty of hotels, cabins, and Airbnbs in and around Östersund.

3. Long-distance ice skating, top-notch ski trails, or fat biking

Three magical places to visit are Vinterparken with Medvinden, Skidstadion, and Svartsjöarna. Vinterparken is the living room for Östersund residents during late winter, featuring long-distance ice skating tracks, walking paths, and ski trails extending across the ice of Lake Storsjön.


On the ice, sun loungers are set up, along with fireplaces lit every day. Grill your own lunch or buy something tasty and enjoy the winter sun. At Östersunds Skidstadion, there are 89 km of groomed ski trails to choose from, of varying lengths and difficulty levels. Up by Svartsjöarna, you’ll find ski trails over flat marshes with a mountainous character. If you are looking for more pleasant trails that invite you to hot chocolate and oranges – have a look here.

Other things worth trying are downhill skiing, sledding, kicksledding, and winter cycling. Do you need to fill the long-stay accommodation with copious amounts of gear? – No. You can borrow equipment from Fritidsbanken for up to two weeks. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can rent equipment at Lagg and Hoj or Stadionbutiken.


4. Take a day trip for even more adventure.

Embark on an adventure outside Östersund. Enjoy downhill skiing or go on a ski tour at one of our beautiful mountain destinations around Östersund. Within an hour’s drive, you’ll find over 100 slopes. If, however, you want to try something truly different – experience the Rodelbanan / Toboggan slope in Hammarstrand or go sledding at Persårsbacken and rediscover the joy of being a child!

5. Try Cold Bathing and Warm Up at the Spa

Cold bathing is an excellent way to cool down, focus, and, if nothing else, wake up! For many residents of Östersund, it’s a natural habit, while for others, it’s just something to check off the bucket list. Regardless of your stance on cold bathing, there are great opportunities to give it a try.

Check out the Cold Bathing Group on Facebook, where members regularly take dips several times a week in Surfbukten.

If you prefer the warmth of a spa, there are many delightful options: Frösö Park, Storsjöbadet, Cloud Spa, or Gamla Teatern.

6. Experience the Culture and Events in the City

Östersund offers many inspiring cultural experiences. Don’t miss Jamtli with its permanent and temporary exhibitions showcasing for example the exhibition Vikings with the unique 1000 year old Överhogdal tapestries.  Nationalmuseum Jamtli exhibits art from the Nationalmuseum’s collections, currently featuring portraits spanning five centuries.

Jamtli is also an open-air museum year-round where you can stroll through beautiful historical settings. Explore the history, present, and future of the Sami people at Gaaltije. Galleries are active, and exhibitions change. Take the opportunity to explore the many small shops and crafts that the city center has to offer.

If you’re a sports enthusiast, Östersund has many events to offer, from the World Cup in biathlon and cross-country skiing to top-level football, ice hockey, and basketball. Whatever your preference, you can find most events on Visitostersund.se

utflykt i naturen

7. Indulge in fantastic food, drinks, and treats

In Östersund, there are excellent opportunities to cook outdoors all year round. Andersön’s barbecue spots and tables make it easy to grill or set up a camping stove, and in winter, there are barbecue spots in Vinterparken. For those interested in craft beer, there are several microbreweries around Östersund.

If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll find plenty of different cafes and pastry shops to suit most tastes. Does all this talk about food make you hungry? You’ll find a wide selection of dishes at any of the city’s restaurants. Through the Reko-ring, you can meet local food artisans and buy local produce every week – visit the Facebook page for more information and pre-orders. Considering all this, it’s perhaps not surprising that Östersund has been designated as the Creative City Of Gastronomy since 2010.

8. Meet friendly people!

A workation might become dull without anyone to hang out with. Check out the Östersund Included website and see what activities are happening with Östersund ambassadors, associations, and businesses. Find more tips on what you can do in your free time on visitostersund.se

Norrsken över Östersund

9. Go Northern Lights Hunting

The Northern Lights can be among the most beautiful, awe-inspiring, surreal, and captivating phenomena you might ever witness. If you have some knowledge of space weather, you may be lucky enough to see the Northern Lights during your Östersund workation. Check out the following page for more information and hot tips on viewing locations.

10. Practical Tips on How to Easily Do All This

Finally, to navigate easily and make the most of all the tips you’ve received, it’s worth checking out the electric car pool, Moveabout, available in Östersund. If you prefer cycling, you can rent a bike from either the bike rental Lagg and Hoj or borrow one from Fritidsbanken. Find more tips here!