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A city for food lovers

Östersund is a city for food lovers. The city is the only one in Sweden that belongs to UNESCO’s global gastronomy network. Here you will find plenty of high-quality raw materials, most food craftsmen throughout the country and many award-winning pubs. Here we present a selection of the restaurants that offer a piece of taste from Östersund.

In the food county of Jämtland, we value local produce and it is found in many of the town’s restaurants and cafés, for example at the award-winning “Jazzköket” and “Lilla Saluhallen.” The Republic invests in modern food and Clarion draws inspiration from Manhattan in combination with a local twist. Jaktstugan, Ecocaféet Bistro offers both vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Craving for an excursion? Around “Vinterparken”  there are nice fireplaces where you can grill something .
On the weekends you can try the local specialty “Kolbulle” which is fried over an open fire.
Close to the ski stadium you can enjoy magnificent views and lunch at restaurant Arctura.
We also recommend a visit at Verkö Slott (a castle on an island), 17 km from Vinterparken or Tivars Gårdsmejeri, on the island Norderön, where their own homemade cheeses are the main attraction.

For those interested in coffee, we recommend a visit to Norra Station / Telogott with self-roasted coffee, bakery and a chocolate shop. At one of the oldest cafes in town, Wedemarks you can get a piece of the swedish speciality “smörgåstårta”, which was actually invented right here. Centrally located in the city you will find Hamngatan 12 with a cozy courtyard and outdoor dining and Big Lake Coffee, town’s coffee shop where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee is inviting. On Frösön you will find Tages konditori and their specialty the cookie “frösökyssar.”

Whether you are on a date, on a night out or with your family, the restaurant Vezzo is a safe card.
In the same premises, Grinded is serving nice burgers. If you are craving tapas and candy drinks, the colorful app – restaurant Pinchos is the perfect choice.
For those who are craving a night out, we recommend bar hangings on the Magazinet, Brunkullan or Republiken.
Or why not at the bar for hard rockers, Jane Doe.

Text: Elin Widmark