Sommar i Östersund
A family summer in Östersund

Summer and holidays – book your family summer in Östersund!

Moose garden
Meet the king of the forest and the Jämtland heraldic animal in an unusual and close encounter. At Moose Garden you make the acquaintance of tame elks and roe deer. On the guided tour you get to pat the moose and learn facts about their life.

Jamtli Historieland
Jamtli historieland is an open-air museum with children’s activities, time to travel and historical exhibitions. Jamtli offers an exciting journey through the history of Jämtland and Härjedalen and you will discover stimulating milieux and enjoy being a part of history. New from last summer is the National Museum Jamtli where  you also can try your skills at the art studio.

Multi Challenge – adventure house
In Boda Borg you solve tasks as a group and collect stamps on tricky courses. There’s also go-karting, a games room, laserdome, slot cars, a climbing wall and sumo wrestling.

Djungelhuset – The jungle house
Djungelhuset is a dream for young children. A big indoor playland with everything from bouncy castles, slides, tunnels and pinball games.

At Optand Airfield of Östersund you find a comprehensive retro-technical world of aeroplanes, vintage cars/buses and military history.

Lean back and enjoy life from a hammock or sun lounger, try wakeboarding along a cable in the bay, play beach volleyball, balance on a slackline, go longboarding, bath from a jetty or drink delicious espresso in the café.

Storsjöbadet – adventure pools
Storsjöbadet has something for everyone! The kids’ area has wonderfully warm water for the littlies, there are cool slides and diving boards for teenagers and a relaxation area for the adults. Also outdoor section with pools and play area.

If you are into climbing, the new opened indoor climbing hall Östersunds Climbing center is a must. Top rope climbing, bouldering, childrens area, book an instructor, courses, café and shops.

Pump track and skateboard
At Frösön, next to Surfbukten, you find a popular pump track where the kids can train their technique on bikes, kickbikes or skateboards. On the city side of the bridge, there is a skatepark with maual pads and rails. At Brunflo Bike Park 15 km south of Östersund you find mountainbike cycling with drops, waves and curves – the perfect training environment for the whole family. Don’t forget your helmet!

Bowling for the whole family you can find at Bowlinghallen Polaris and at O’learys

Frösö Fun Park
Activity hall with trampolines, skate park, obstacle course, play land, pedal cars and much more.

Östersund Go Cart
Challenge friends or family in a speedy experience at the 1020 m long go cart track.

Locknekraterns Meteorite Centre
Created around the meteorite impact that took place in Ångsta 455 million years ago. Minicosmonova, exhibitions and educational activities for kids.

Fishing in Lake Storsjön
From land, no fishing permit is required to fish in Lake Storsjön. Take your rod and line, and fish from the shores of Lake Storsjön in the evening sun.

Badhusparken playground
Badhusparken, down by the lake Storsjön offers a playground and café. You can also play croquet, outdoor chess and mini golf on the premises. Björkbackaparken has a large play ground for youngsters, a café, boule facilities, outdoor tennis courts and an outdoor padel court.

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