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Arty experiences this summer

A pleasant way to pass the time? A way to awaken creativity? Provocation? We all relate to art differently. Aren’t we lucky that art is flourishing in Östersund?

A century of difficulties and hardship, but also a century marked by a growing belief in science, optimism for the future and utilitarian thinking. This new exhibition at Nationalmuseum Jamtli focuses on the relations between Sweden and the rest of Europe during the 18th century in the field of visual arts and applied arts. War, diplomacy, trade and the birth of rococo are just some of the themes addressed in the works shown. Portraits, landscapes, everyday interior pictures, and also unique sketches and drawings that have never before been exhibited are among the 180 works from the Nationalmuseum’s collections.
18 June 2020 – 11 April 2021

A son of Jämtland from Hackås who captured the everyday melancholy of life and the authentic Norrland in both colour and expression. He is considered one of the foremost Jämtland artists of the 1900s who had great significance for landscape painting. The exhibition at Jamtli celebrates 100 years since Örjan Noring was born.
31 May – 13 Sept

Paintings, graphics, clay, bee wax and a mix of techniques. Don’t miss a visit to Galleri Lux located in the lovely premises of Norra Station, for a multi-art experience. The exhibition “En i sänder utan brådska” (One at a time, no hurry) highlights the artistry of three female artists; Ewa Carlsson, Kristina Wrang and Kersti Grönlund.
23 May until the end of July

Plant-based, meat or insect burgers? Why do we like certain types of food, but screw up our faces at things we’re not used to? And while some people load up their larders in the autumn and devote whole weekends to cooking, others live on ready-made food and are regulars at the local food store or take-away.
Jamtli’s “MAT” (FOOD) exhibition takes you on a food-focused journey through time, looking at our relationship to food, from hunting and fishing a thousand years ago to today’s trends when food is no longer about survival.
Until 21 Feb 

New times, new expressions. When social distancing belongs to the ordinary, and culture and concerts risk becoming an exception, that when creativity thrives. “Music is the forest I want to get lost in” is an interactive photographic and musical experience in which the visitor sets their own pace. Take a walk through Östersund and look out for the 24 photos placed in different display windows around the city. The exhibition is a selection of concert photos by the photographer Katarina Norström, including the Stockholm Jazz Festival, Urkult (folk festival), Melodifestival (Sweden’s Eurovision Song Contest qualifiers), and Östersund’s own Storsjöyran festival. If you have a QR reader on your phone, you can listen to the songs simultaneously on Spotify. Start at Mittpunkten shopping centre or Svenssons ramar, for example, and then follow the descriptions of the exhibition tour placed next to each picture.

An exhibition by two photographers – one news photographer who captures the details of daily life and an astrophotographer who specialises in nature’s magic of the night. Jan Andersson and Göran Strand held an exhibition together a few years ago. This year’s exhibition “New light years and moments” once again portrays Jämtland both geographically and at all hours of the day.
15 March – 16 Aug