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Autumn activities

Tips on autumn activities in Östersund!

Here we have collected different tips on autumn activities for everyone. Learn to climb, bowl, visit Jamtli and the National Museum, watch a good movie at the cinema, go to the theater, play at Djungelhuset, swim at Storsjöbadet, enjoy a coffee at one of the city’s all cafes, make a scary visit to Multichallenge and Boda Bo and much more.

Play bowling and eat good food!

Bowlinghallen Kök & Bar

The Bowling Hall offers complete packages for all your celebrations (including companies) with food and fun for young and old. Discover our simulator games or why not challenge each other in a Night Duel! In the restaurant you can enjoy the day’s lunch, à la carte, buffet or coffee in the café which can easily be combined with a series game. Upstairs we have our simulators where you can play golf, hunting & shooting, football, ice hockey and baseball.

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Climbing for everyone!

Östersund Klättercenter

Offers climbing for everyone regardless of experience or previous level. There is climbing that is suitable for both beginners and elite, rope climbing and bouldering (climbing on lower walls with thick mattresses underneath). The smallest climbing wall is suitable for the smallest children. Together with other walls, it means that everyone in the family can find something that suits them. If you need a break or a little extra energy there is a nice cafe.

For those who do not have their own equipment but want to try climbing, there is both rental and shop. There are also children and youth groups in several different levels where you can register your children.

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Experience our nature!

Excursions in nature

Excursions in nature are a wonderful way to relax. To be close to nature and be able to experience it fully, without demands and stress of everyday life. Lake Storsjön and the mountains are always present and provide beautiful views and tranquility.

Around Östersund and Frösön there are many beautiful nature areas where you have both water and forest close by. Fill your bag with picnic food, so you can be out and enjoy a whole day!

Bath inside- and outside!


At Storsjöbadet there is an adventure pool with trampoline, a cave and a stream. Exercise in the 25-meter pool and relax in the relaxation area.

Bring the family or book the whole bath for a whole evening with friends, customers or work team. The possibilities are limitless!

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Nationalmuseum and History land


Jamtli has a large variation  with everything from History land with environments from the 19th century to the 1970s to the National Museum and a museum with a permanent exhibition.

See the big hunting scissors you once tried to catch the Big Lake Monster with, and take a look into the wolf cave, if you dare!

Follow the reindeer’s trail in a finely tuned slide show with the photographer and Sámi Nils Thomasson’s motifs from the lives of the Southern Sámi at the beginning of the last century.

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Pleasure and activities

Multi Challenge-Nöjescenter

Boda Borg, go-kart (which can handle 70 km / h), laser hall, climbing wall, billiards, mini golf and the playground Mini Multi and more.

Food and coffee in our café! Challenge your friends or family to one of all our activities. Here, everyone feels like a winner.

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Enjoy coffee and pastries!


Östersund has a large selection of cafés, everything from Wedemark’s patisserie, which is the city’s oldest patisserie, to most of the newly opened courtyards.

Many cafés base their products on local ingredients and with sustainability as a basic idea.

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Look at a movie together!

Folkets Bio Regina & Biostaden

Go and see a really good movie together!

Folkets Bio Regina shows films from all over the world, often artistic quality films with current and thoughtful provoking topics aimed for both children and adults.

At Biostaden, quality film is shown with a mixture of narrower and wider film. Biostaden wants to be able to provide a holistic experience during a cinema visit through good service, knowledgeable cinema staff and high quality of comfort and technology.

Bio Regina


Let the children play!


Here is a large climbing frame with challenging climbing and exciting discoveries on three floors with lookout points and slides! Jumping slide, trampolines, bouncy castles, games, table tennis, football, etc. Here the parents can meet and eat well while the children play and play.

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Enjoy Spa!

Plenty of different options!

Treat yourself  with a relaxing and warm spa break. There are various options for spa experiences with everything from traditional spas to Turkish Hamam and various treatments.

Here are some tips on beautiful Spa facilities in Östersund.

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Find your favorite store!


Östersund’s alleys are lined with small cozy shops that invite to good shopping among handicrafts and utensils.

On the larger streets Storgatan and Prästgatan you will find the chain stores with sport goods, groceries and clothes.

This particular mixture is what makes shopping in Östersund different.

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Catch a fish!

Find the best fishing water

Östersund is a city that offers exciting fishing!

Here is fishing for all interests; family fishing in a boat for perch and pike, lazy fishing on the shores of Lake Storsjön, a little more challenging fly fishing in flowing water for trout and grayling. Or why not make an attempt to catch one of the country’s largest Canadian chars in Landösjön.

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Spooky shop!

Halloween in City centre

The city center is open in the evening between 18-21 for a spooky evening in town!

Take part in terribly good offers, terrifying activities and happenings that give cold bodies in an unrecognizably ornate center. Join us when Östersund for one night becomes a ghost town.


When: Thursday 29 October at 18-21
What: Open in the evening in town
Where: The whole city

Skate and kickbike indoors

Östersunds Brädklubb

Östersunds Brädklubb wants to create better opportunities for the board culture in Östersund and the surrounding area.

Everyone is welcome no matter what level or age. There are days for family skating, evenings and times for girls, youngsters, mature adults and kickbike only.

Come and let’s skateboard or kickbike.

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Events and activities

Visit Östersund

Östersund usually has many events to choose from for both theater-music enthusiasts or other activities and events.

Take a look at the event calendar to see what’s going on this autumn – here you will find a selection of events.

Event calender!

barn på skateboard


Kickbike, bike or skateboard

A challenging and social activity for everyone!

A really fun course, always open and free for both adults and children. Here you can go boarding, rollerblades, kickbike and cycling.
The track’s ridges, velodromes and bumps are designed so that you do not have to step forward, but use the hill by pumping up and down to gain speed. Put on a helmet and any protection and head out on the track.

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Go skating

Östersunds Arena

The public’s ice skating can be found at Östersunds Arena and this means that anyone can come to Östersund municipality’s ice rinks to skate.

Some times it is allowed to bring the puck and club while other times it is not.

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