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Big events in Östersund

Östersund offers a lot of events! In the summer of 2020, some events will be postponed until 2021 and some will be arranged as usual or possibly. change dates. Some events will change their content and turn them into digital experiences. Updates will be made on an ongoing basis! During the autumn the scenes offer plenty of culture, theater and entertainment and at the Östersund Ski Stadium you can experience the world cup in biathlon. Jamtli Christmas market intends to be implemented as planned.
Cyklister som kör jämthjulingen i Östersund

Bike race (Jämthjulingen)

Time to register for Jämthjulingen 2020!

For the 57th year in a row, this is a great race on National Day on Saturday, June the 6th!
The Cycling Association will return with more information about the race and if can be arranged, around May 20th.

The race may be moved to August / September 2020. Information will be published on the link below.

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