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Bio Regina

Cinema in Östersund

Bio Regina shows films that amuse and worry, that create laughter, reflection and conversation, that give new perspectives on the world and being human.
Bio Regina broadens the range of films by showing films from all over the world.

Two salons. Film every evening of the week 19.00 and Day time movies: Mondays 14.00.

Children’s movie on Sundays. Film festivals, school cinema and special events.

The cashier is open:
all evenings 18.30-19.00
Monday also 13.30-14.00
Sunday also 14.00-15.00 at children movies


Östersund City Center: 1 km
Åre Östersund Airport: 11 km
Östersund Trainstation : 1 km


Prästgatan 56 B, Östersund
Phone. booking: +46 (0)63-13 00 05