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Ej:s Hälsokost

EJ: s Hälsokost EKOVARUHUSET Östersund's widest health food store. We have been around since 1982 and here you will find most of what you need for your green lifestyle!

Organic foods with a lot of nutrition that is the basis for good health. Classic health food, supplements, natural remedies and herbs. We also have organic skin care, non-toxic food storage and an eco-play corner with non-toxic toys and baby products.

A warm welcome to us!


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Östersunds City Centre: 0 km
Åre Östersund Airport: 10 km
Östersunds Train Station: 0,5 km


Kyrkgatan 74, Östersund
Phone. booking: +46 63-10 19 60
Website: ejshalsokost.se