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Folk & Fest

In connection with the World Cup in biathlon, Östersund invites to colorful party weeks! The competitions take place at Östersunds Skidstadion 27-28 November and 2, 4 and 5 December and run as a common thread during these days that invite us to activities and festivities.

Have a look below for programs daily during the period 26 November to 11 December. There is something for everyone!


In connection with the World Cup competitions in Biathlon, the municipality of Östersund invites you to a colorful Festivity called Folk & Fest (People & Party).

The inauguration will be held at Stortorget, 26 November at 6 pm, when the city´s Christmas lights will be lit. The Swedish singer Linnea Henriksson will perform but we also welcome everyone to participate performing in Jämtlands largest interactive Sing a-long to Live music.


The weeks will be filled with many activities such as:
Black Friday or as we call it “Local is the new black” This year we focus on local trade in combination with offers and activities.

Drive-In Cinema on Stortorget on saturday evening 27th and for kids on Sunday 28th och November.

7-11 dec