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General Terms & Conditions of payment & travel


These general terms and conditions apply between you and Visit Östersund AB (VISIT ÖSTERSUND -VÖ), when you enter an agreement with VÖ either directly or through someone else, according to the booking confirmation. This agreement may apply to accommodation, activity or transport or the purchase of another product and service, or a combination of these.

Who has liability?
The liable organiser is Visit Östersund AB, Rådhusgatan 44, 831 82 ÖSTERSUND, tel +46 (0)63 701 1700, CIN 556403-1606. If the products are booked via a retailer, it is the obligation of the retailer to ensure that the organiser’s terms and conditions and payment routines are complied with by its customer.

When does my booking become binding?
The booking is valid for both you and VÖ as soon as VÖ has confirmed the booking or when you have paid for the booking within the agreed period.

What, when and to whom shall I pay?
You must pay the stated price of your booking. The date and payment recipient are stated in the Special Terms and Conditions.

Card payment
You may use Mastercard or VISA payment cards. The full amount must be paid when booking.

VÖ uses DIBS for online payment. They offer payment services and manage customers’ financial information. It is thus natural that security solutions are vital elements of DIBS’ processes and systems. In addition to PCI certification, DIBS has focused on secure payment solutions using 3D-Secure and its own security system, DIBS Defender. For more information, please visit www.DIBS.se

What if I want to cancel my booking?
Change and/or cancel your booking here Fees are payable for cancellations in accordance with the Special Terms and Conditions.

Tickets for events will not be refunded.

What if I want to change something?
If changing parts of your booking is possible, the cost is stated in the Special Terms and Conditions.
Change your booking here

What happens if something goes wrong?
You are entitled to cancel the booking if all or parts of your booking cannot be supplied in accordance with the booking confirmation and no compensatory event can be provided where the difference from your booking is so minor that it is of no significance to you. You will then be refunded everything you paid, with a deduction for the value of the parts of the booking that you have already used. If an event that is part of the booking is cancelled at short notice, only the amount for the cancelled event is repaid.

Problems or faults that arise during your stay must be reported immediately, initially to the supplier of the product (e.g. the accommodation or the organiser of the activity). If you have not attempted to rectify the situation during your stay, thus not giving the supplier the opportunity to correct any problems/faults, you cannot demand compensation in retrospect. If you are still not satisfied with the compensation, VÖ must be informed of this during your stay or in writing within 10 days of your departure.

What happens if the supplier and I do not come to an agreement?
In case of complaint, please contact VÖ directly. If we do not reach an agreement, you can contact the National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN). This has an impartial chairperson and representatives from travel companies and consumers. The Board’s address is: Box 174, 101 23 Stockholm.

As organiser, our obligations are:
You receive written confirmation of your booking.
You receive documentation and other information before your booking is valid.
That purchased services match their description. We are not liable for promises made directly to you by the owners or the owner’s contact person of which we have no knowledge. (If you have agreed to something that is not covered by the organiser’s contract, ensure that you receive this in writing and signed by the owner or contact person).
You will be informed about all significant changes that affect your booking.

What are my obligations?
You are obliged to check the booking confirmation as soon as you receive it. We must be immediately informed of any mistakes. In order to be binding, promises made by booking staff that are important to you must be noted in the travel documentation.
Inform yourself about the relevant terms and conditions for cancelling/changing your booking.
You must comply with the rules and instructions that apply to the product you have booked. You receive this information with the confirmation.
Complaints about the product must be immediately presented to the supplier of the product.

Your personal information will be stored electronically, so as to complete your order. These details may also be used to inform you about insurance and payment services and travel-related offers. You may also be contacted for market surveys.

Anyone who wishes to know what information is registered about them may apply for this pursuant to Section 26 of the Personal Data Act. Please inform VÖ in writing if you wish to correct or remove your information from the customer register.

Minimum age for booking
You must be 18 years of age to book/enter an agreement with VÖ. For accommodation for large groups, at least two people in the group must be at least 18 years old, unless a higher age limit is stated in the accommodation’s information. ID will be requested on arrival. Fulfilling the age limit is a requirement for access to the accommodation.

Payment must be made in full when booking. Only card payments are accepted. This also applies to telephone bookings via VÖ. You must pay the full amount within three days of receiving the link appended to your email confirmation.

Cancellation costs for temporary accommodation in association with major events, e.g. Biathlon World Championships 2019
Cancellations 181 days or more before arrival are charged SEK 150 per booking and occasion.
Cancellations 180-91 days before arrival are charged 10% of the price of the booking.
Cancellations 90-31 days before arrival are charged 20% of the price of the booking.
Cancellations 30-0 days before arrival are charged 100% of the price of the booking.

Cancellation costs, accommodation
Cancellations from the date of booking up to 15 days before arrival are free.
Cancellations 14-3 days before arrival are charged 20% of the price of the booking.
Cancellations 2-0 days before arrival are charged 100% of the price of the booking.
And fees or charges for changes are non-refundable.
Some products may have other cancellation terms and conditions; you will be informed of these separately via the booking confirmation.

Cancellation costs, Vinterbadet
Cancellations 14-7 days before the booked date are refunded with 80% of the booking cost.
Cancellations 7-0 days before the booked date are non-refundable.


Charges for changes to all bookings
SEK 150 per booking and occasion.

Other terms and conditions for accommodation bookings
Arrival: After 15.00 on the arrival day
Departure: Before 11.00 on the departure day

Cleaning in cabins
The cabin must be cleaned and all used equipment washed on departure.

Other information
You must treat the cabin with respect and follow the applicable rules and regulations. You, as the person who made the booking, are liable for all damage to the property and its inventories caused by your neglect or that of someone in your party. Any inventory losses or damage must be rectified or paid for before departure.

Force Majeure
If the trip cannot be completed due to circumstances outside the control of the organiser and which the organiser could not reasonably have foreseen when the agreement was entered, and the consequences of which could not reasonably have been avoided or overcome, the organiser is bears no liability for damages or other consequences. The same applies if the cancellation of the trip is due to someone hired by the organiser or others at an earlier stage.

VÖ cannot be held liable for changes to laws or prices that are outside VÖ’s control.