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Hamngatan 12 Magasinet

“We are a little more than a cafe and a little more than an interior design store. A place where people can enjoy and relax and eat well. If the weather permits, there can be happenings in the courtyard.” Says Malin Savehed, who runs Hamngatan 12 Magasinet.

It is the courtyard behind Hamngatan 12 she is talking about. It is full of life inside the 170 square meter courtyard contains a beautiful decor, food and coffee. Here you can stroll around beautiful interior details, listen to lectures and then have a cup of coffee. Sustainability and reuse are important and everything in the shop and café is for sale, including tables and chairs.

The lunches are simple and healthy. Smoothies, juices and poké bowls are mixed with homemade soups, freshly made omelettes made from organic eggs and homemade bread. All smoothies and juices are made from leftover spilled fruit from ICA Kvantum.
– Sustainability is important to us and we try to use as much fruit and vegetables as we can in the fight against food waste, says Malin.

Although food, community and co-existence are given a lot of space at Hamngatan 12 Magasinet, the interior design shop is still there.
The core is a mix of new products from some of Sweden’s most popular brands mixed with used and antique goods. Collaboration with other companies is important and Malin wants to create a meeting place where people feel welcome.

Music evenings and lectures are planned and during the spring and summer periods there is a large outdoor dining area with plenty of greenery.
Pop-up shops and workshops are also a recurring feature.