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Locknekratern Meteorite centre

Locknekratern Meteorite centre is a discovery centre in Ångsta, 25 km from Östersund, that has been created around the meteorite impact 455 million years ago.

458 million years ago, the world-unique twin meteor broke down. Then the Storsjö area was 500 m below sea level. Most of the meteorite struck down where Lake Locknesjön is today.
The latest research findings show that the meteorite is a so-called binary / twin. The smaller part of the meteorite struck precisely at the same time at Målingen just east of Hackås near Lake Näkten. Impacted are the only proven twin meteorites on the entire planet.
The meteorites came at a speed of 54,000 km / h and together weighed over 300 million tonnes.
The impact was enormous and a volume of water corresponding to three times Storsjön’s volume was thrown away. When the water crashed back into the craters, a kilometer high tsunami was formed. The water brought with it huge quantities of gravel and sand which then solidified into unique rocks, which are only found in the area. In nature you will find clear traces of the impact. The Locknecrater is a world-unique study site that attracts researchers from all over the world. Since 2006, therefore, the Locknekratern Meteoritecenter is located in Ångsta, a museum well worth a visit.
Also take a look at our upstairs and the exhibition “Ögonfröjd” as Jämtland County’s amateur geological company presents. There you will find a large stone collection with minerals, rocks and all of Sweden’s landscape stones. Bargains with content from many well-known mineral sites can also be viewed as well as booths with very beautiful stuffs and crystal shapes.

Opening hours  2023: 20 june–20 august, tuesday–sunday 11.00–16.00  (23/6 closed)

Entrance: Adult 120 skr, 65+ & student 80 skr, children under 12 yrs free entrance.


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Östersund City Centre : 25 km
Åre Östersund Airport: 32,5 km
Östersund train station: 22 km


Ångstavägen 71, Tandsbyn
Phone. booking: +46 70-485 20 20
Website: locknekratern.se