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  • Museeum Östersund Geocenter

    A double asteroid impact in the ancient sea 470 million years ago created the crater remnants near Lockne, Sweden.

Locknekratern Meteorite centre

Locknekratern Meteorite centre is a discovery centre in Ångsta, 25 km from Östersund, that has been created around the meteorite impact 455 million years ago.

There is a mini cosmonova and an geologic exhibition. Café serving home baked cake.


  • Museum
  • Café


Östersund City Centre : 25 km
Åre Östersund Airport: 32,5 km
Östersund train station: 22 km


Ångstavägen 71, Tandsbyn
Phone. booking: +46 63 - 75 30 88