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  • Nordiska myter

    Alla bilder måste ha bildbyline enligt worddokumentet Foto: Carl Larsson (Född 1853-05-28, Död 1919-01-22), sv

  • nordiska myter

    Alla bilder måste ha bildbyline enligt worddokumentet Foto: Mårten Winge (Född 1825-09-21, Död 1896-04-22), sv

Nationalmuseum Jamtli

Three years ago, the art and design arena Nationalmuseum Jamtli was opened.

Opening hours:
Tuesday-sunday 11-17, wednesday open until 20.30

Exhibition Nordic Myths

This years exhibition at National Museum Jamtli, Nordic Myths displays the 19th century narrative world of images in the form of large-scale history paintings, motifs from Nordic mythology and the magical illustrations in storybooks. The exhibition contains works by Carl Larsson, Elsa Beskow, Ernst Josephsson and John Bauer, among others.

The exhibition deals with an era before the breakthrough of modern film, when art was largely still about telling stories.
All works in the exhibition belong to the National Museum, which owns rich collections of Nordic and especially Swedish 19th century art.

The exhibition runs until April 18 2022

Also, take the opportunity to step into the art scene and be inspired by the exhibition you just saw, let the creativity flow and create new.



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