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  • NM 7012, Elias Martin, Aspa Bruk, Utf. 1790-talet, Olja på duk

  • NMK 28/2022, Olga Lanner, Smideskonst, Ytterfoder, Utf. 1916, Silver Foto: Viktor Fordell

Nationalmuseum Jamtli

Four years ago, the art and design arena Nationalmuseum Jamtli was opened.

Opening hours 
Monday-Sunday 11-17, wednesday open until 20.30


2023 the National Museum Jamtli show the exhibition Ideal and Reality – Nordic Nature, an exhibition about how Nordic nature is depicted in arts and crafts from the 17th century onwards. During different eras, nature has been perceived as a source of beauty experiences, as an economic resource, research object and identity-creating symbol. The exhibition shows paintings, drawings, photos and handicrafts, all from the National Museum’s collections. Among the artists are names like Anna Boberg, Otto Hesselbom, Pehr Hilleström, Elias Martin, Bruno Liljefors, Helmer Osslund but also more contemporary ones like Frida Fjellman, Kerstin Hörnlund, Ingalena Klenell, Märta Mattsson and Per B Sundberg.

The exhibition will be shown until 3rd of september 2023

Also, take the opportunity to step into the art scene and be inspired by the exhibition you just saw, let the creativity flow and create new.



  • Art collection from Nationalmuseum
  • Art Studio


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