Relaxing Spa's

Take a tranquil duo bath, sweat away the day’s stress in a hot sauna or spoil yourself with a luxurious spa treatment. Östersund has a wide range of spas and relaxation facilities.

Frösö Park Hotel
Quality Hotel and Resort Frösö Park’s spa is an inviting 1200 sq. m. oasis for everyone who wants to relax. The experence begins in the shower room, which has been designed using old Jämtlandic traditions as its inspiration. Then you can shoose from four different types of sauna: dry sauna, steam sauna, soft sauna and stone sauna. Two pools, one inside and one outside. Bubble footbath, ice pool and spa treatments.

Storsjöbadet’s relaxation area offers a classic wood-fired sauna, Roman steam sauna, meditation sauna, light sauna and the cosy cabin sauna. Storsjöbadet has specialised in the German sauna phenomenon of Aufguss. Aufguss is a pleasant experience with heat and scents. A sauna host pours an aromatic oil mixed with water on the hot stones and then wafts the scent and heat towards you with the help of a towel. In addition to all the saunas, Storsjöbadet’s relaxation area also has two bubble pools – one outdoors and one indoors.

Best Western Hotel Gamla Teatern
Best Western Hotel Gamla Teatern’s new relaxation area is open to everyone who wants to wind down for a while. In addition to calssic spa treatments, it also offers Turkish Hamam baths with appealing scents, steam and heat. There are two pools and several saunas.

Spakliniken offers many different treatments for the entire body. Choose from a great range of massages, facials, pedicures and skincare treatments. Acupuncture, ultrasound and laser treatments are also available. Wind down in the relaxtion area, which has a dry sauna and a steam sauna, as well as indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis. The outdoor Jacuzzi has magnificent views of Oviksfjällen and Lake Storsjön.

Vinterbadet is an incredible experience. Open during the winter. It has wood-fired hot tubs in the open air, as well as a sauna, relaxation area and ice bathing – all in a screened-off area of Östersunds marina. Imagine, after taking a sauna you can sit in a steaming hot tub with the sky as your ceiling and Frösön and Lake Storsjön as the backdrop. And those who dare can take an icy dip in the black water of Lake Storsjön. Open December- April – book your spot here