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Savhuset is located in the heart of Sweden, the beautiful city of Östersund. Our products are inspirational to the nature around us and the beauty of life.

The soul of our products is the birch saw, a raw material used in ancient times in our Arctic areas as an important nutritional supplement. The birch saw is always lost in the spring when we need to replenish our vitamins after a long winter.

We produce sparkling birch pork, “birch champagne”, for the whole world based on birch saw only from Storsjöns area in Jämtland.

Book a visit at Savhuset with the brand new visitor attraction at Sav ™ on Storsjöstråket 15 F, via founder Peter Mosten! Maximum number / visit = 50 people



Östersund City Centre: 1,5 km
Åre Östersund Airport: 12 km
Östersund Train station: 750 m


Storsjöstråket 15 F, Östersund
Phone. booking: +46 70-321 81 92
Website: savhuset.se