Två tjejer som är på kvällshopping

Östersund was founded for trade reasons and we are still very much a town for commerce.
The city centre is full of shops. You find the international chains side by side with quirky boutiques where the stock reflects the owner´s personality. At Lillänge you find the large shopping complexes and along Bangårdsgatan the second-hand shops are easy to find.


Here are some local shopping tips

Down by the harbour you find Storsjöhyttan glassworks. See how the glass artisans shape hot molten glass into beautiful objects. Storsjöhyttan combines a workshop, shop and gallery. Everything for sale has been made on the premises.

Frösö Handtryck
Frösö Handtryck is one of Sweden’s oldest hand printing factories. They print everything from classic burlap cloths for Christmas Trees to designer fabrics for decorating public spaces. The patterns used by Frösö Handtryck are created by well-known Swedish designers. Factory outlet on the premises.

Warmth from the inside out. Woolpower manufacture warm woolen undergarments and socks from the yarn to the final product. Visit the factory and see how the products are made and shop at the factory outlet.

Divine flavors and heavenly scents. Chocolates, the, cigars, coffee. Large selection of local produce.

A craft cooperative of fifteen members offering high-quality arts and crafts. In their gallery they show glass and ceramics by contemporary artists and artisans.

Crafts shop with a large selection of locally produced glass, ceramics, textiles, leather, jewelry etc.

Jamtli Butik
Get inspired by traditional crafts and modern design. Gifts, souvenirs, sweets, books, toys and much more.

Snö of Sweden
SNÖ of Sweden was established in 2002 in Östersund and its products are now sold all over the world. In the old fire station, you find an outlet selling the trendy jewelry.

Art Galleries
There are a number of art galleries and exhibition halls in Östersund. Visit www.visitostersund for an update on current exhibitions