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Summer ain’t summer without ice-cream !

When the sun shines brightly from clear blue skies and we’ve slipped into our sandals – that’s the time for ice-cream. Time to slow down, time to switch to holiday mode, to stroll around town and cool off at one of Östersund’s ice-creamiest places. Visit the websites or Facebook pages for opening hours.

Norra station café and roastery

Norra station café and roastery is located in one of Östersund’s pretty courtyards that you access from the pedestrian street or Hamngatan. They make their own, popular ice-cream that can be enjoyed as it comes, or in one of the Grande Combo flavour combinations. Choose from home-made caramel sauce with almond chips and lingonberries , or home-made chocolate sauce with Valrhona chocolate and meringue. Or maybe you would like both chocolate and caramel topped with ginger bread crumbles ? Then you can order the Huså Pepparkaks-pang.



Telogott is close at hand to just slip into, on Prästgatan / Gågatan in Östersund. They offer coffee, tea, chocolate, pralines, licorice and much more. Here you can also get ice cream with many different flavors and in the summer you can sit outside the store and enjoy the ice cream.



Stocke Titt Café

If you want to eat an ice-cream while enjoying the best of views of Lake Storsjön and the mountains, then head to Stocke Titt on Frösön. You can sit for a while or go for a stroll in the fantastically beautiful surroundings. Or take your ice-cream up into the tower for an even more spectacular view.



Badhusparken Café

On a warm summer day, Badhusparken is the place to be. Right here in the heart of the city, you can while away the hours watching the boats, birds and people go by. Pop in to Badhusparken café for a huge soft ice-cream or a couple of flavoured scoops sprinkled with toppings or sauce.



Wedemarks Konditori & Bageri

At the traditional Wedemarks café they make their own creamy, Italian gelato. Of course, they have the classics such as strawberry, vanilla and chocolate, but they also experiment with their own flavours. The picks of the personnel are the whiskey ice-cream and the pineapple ice-cream. They also have vegan ice-cream and sorbets, so just about everyone can enjoy a really chilled out summer.



Hamngatan 12 café & bistro

One of the city’s recently opened inner courtyards is home to Hamngatan 12 café & bistro, where you can buy the award-winning gelato from Glassbaren in Bräcke. The ice-cream is made from organic milk and cream and comes in amazing flavours. Wonder into the courtyard, take a seat in the sunshine and savour ice-cream at its best.


Ice-cream outings a little further afield

Glassbaren in Bräcke

You’ll find Glassbaren in a beautiful old wooden building, right on the main road in Bräcke. They make their own prize-winning Italian Gelato from organic milk and cream – and in 2019 Glassbaren won the Swedish ice-cream championships. When you step inside it is like going to the home of an older friend or relative. You can sit in the “kitchen” or the “lounge” and both rooms are full of furniture and old stuff that makes you think of a childhood visit to grandma. Order your favourite flavour at the counter, sink into a sofa and simply enjoy…

Facebook: search for Glassbaren i Bräcke and they will pop up.

Kossan in Berg
At Hoverberg near Svenstavik some 60 km south of Östersund, there’s a summer café and farm dairy called Kossan. It is run by a couple of farmers who have decided to make ice-cream from their own farm milk. Irish cream, cola-citron, strawberry, chocolate and cherry are just some of the flavours. If you’re not in the area of Hoverberg, you can order Kossan’s ice-cream via REKO-ring in Östersund. Look up Reko-ring Östersund on Facebook and book your ice-cream delivery for the next pick-up time.


A cool tip: Ice-cream in a thermos!

Ice-cream is one of the best things ever, especially on a really hot summer day. But what if you fancy an ice-cream after a lovely jog or during a family outing and there’s nowhere nearby to buy one? Here’s the answer: ice-cream in a food thermos. Scoop the ice-cream directly from the tub into the thermos, pack your bag and off you go. When it’s time for a break, just open up and enjoy. By then the ice-cream will have a perfect creamy consistency, and your snack break will have a whole new dimension to it.

Here you will find more information about cafes in Östersund.