Swedish fika

In Sweden, taking a break to have a coffee and a cake is a very important part of our lifestyle. We call this ‘fika’. We really enjoy taking a break to meet friends, family, colleagues or loved ones over a cup of coffee and a Swedish cake. In Östersund there are a plenty of cafés to discover the Swedish Fika, but be sure not to miss out on our local specialties:

Smörgåstårta at Wedemarks Café 
the world famous Swedish “Smörgåstårta” was invented here in Östersund in the 1950s at the Wedemarks Café and is still served there as well as around the world.
Smörgåstårta is a sort of “sandwich cake” made up of several layers of white or light rye bread with creamy fillings in between. The toppings vary but often consists of shrimp, smoked salmon and various cold cuts. Smörgåstårtan is served cold and cut like a dessert cake.

Big Lake Coffee
Big Lake Coffee is a hidden pearl next to Östersund’s central bus station on Hamngatan 19. Here you find a CoffeeBar, Artisan Roastery and Coffee Boutique. Big Lake Coffee holds close values within the entire chain of coffee production from small-scale farmers and holders, to quality from origin, direct trade & build relations with farmers that use organic and holistic methods.

Swedish buns
Just out of the oven sticky cinnamon- and cardamom buns from Café Jaktstugan goes well with a nice cup of coffee or tea.

Frösökyssar på Tages Café
On the island of Frösön you find Tages Konditori. Their local specialty is “Frösökyssar – kisses from Frösön”, Chocolate almond cakes with chocolate truffle filling.

Here are some more places to enjoy a fika