By boat on storsjön

Enjoy a nice tour on lake Storsjön!

M/S Thomée 
Travelling on water belongs to the summer. This summer, the enchanted M/S Thomée will travel Storsjöns water with frequent trips to Verkö island.  Enjoy a lovely boat trip with dinner at Verkö island Skärgårdskrog. The journey to Verkön takes about 1.5 hours. Food and drinks are also served on board. More information and booking of tickets.

From Norderö Island, you can take Sjöexpressen to Verkö Island. Verkö Castle is a paradise nestled in lush greenery, with Storsjön’s most generous and welcoming summer terrace. Under 280 square feet of sailcloth, 200 sitting guests can accommodate a good lunch or dinner. Inside there is room for 100 guests and you have the opportunity to stay in one of the beautiful castle rooms or in the farmhouse. You can easily book your space on Sjöexpressen at Sir Winston Verkö Castle 063-10 37 00 or 072-506 20 60

SuperTornado boat
Directly from Östersund harbour you can take a trip with the  SuperTornado boat to Verkö Island.
Fridays with departure at Östersund harbour at 16.00, return from Verkön at 20.00 The journey to Verkön takes about 30 minutes, the boat can accommodate 12 passengers. Book no later than 24 hours before departure. Book your place at 063-10 37 00 or

Ångaren Östersund
You can also enjoy the summer and lake Storsjön aboard Ångaren Östersund, one of Sweden’s oldest steamers in passenger traffic.

Kayak & Canoe
Imagine to paddle on Lake Storsjön a beautiful summer day. Experience the beautiful coast at Norderö and Verkö Island or start in central Östersund and watch the city life at a distance. At Tivar’s farm on Norderö Island you can rent kayaks and if you would like to go kayaking elsewhere there are kayak racks for rent. Perhaps you would like to experience several days away from the city’s life and movement! At Lits Camping & Canoe Rental you have the opportunity to rent a canoe, get nice tips on day trips, multi-day trips or trips up to two weeks.

Surfbukten brings you back to nature, here you can rent kayak and stand up paddle board for a micro adventure on Lake Storsjön.