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The Adventure bus

The Adventure bus is a new type of tansfer from Östersund to various excursion destinations. So bring family or friends and enjoy a lovely outdoor day.


The Adventure bus will take you on excursion where you can meet the king of the forest at Moose Garden, join a guided tour at Revsund Brewery and hike along Högforsleden and Forsaleden in Bräcke. More information, timetable and prices, se below.


Blueberries & moose traps

Högforsleden is an 8 km long path in varied terrain that runs along river Hårkan. You walk from Högfors powr plant atation with a view of Högfors castle down to Lits camp sige. The path goes partyly high up and the adventourus can at some places use a rope to get down to the riverbank.

Along the path there are serveral moose / animal traps and also Jätmalnds last excutuion site, where the Norwegian Sivert Andersson 1858 was executed by beheading after murdering. Wind shelter and barbecue area available at Blåberget and at Lits Camp site.

Photo: Linnea Damberg


Moose Garden

Meet the King of the forest

Moose Garden is located in Orrviken, just outside of Östersund. Here you meet the King of the forest, the Jämtland heraldic animal in an unusual and close encounter.

On the guided tour you get to pat the moose and learn more about their fascinating life. The moose is the largest living member of the deer family. A moose can grow up over two meters in height, and weigh up to 700 kg, and its antlers can span over two meters in width.

Photo: Moose Garden


Rock paintings, waterfalls and cultural heritage

Forsaleden is a 7 km long partly rocky hiking trail that runs along Forsaån. The area has a magnificent nature and many cultural relics. Along the trail you find stone age settlements, rock paintings, small waterfalls and ponds.

This is home to many unusual plant species thanks to the calcareous bedrock. The tour starts at Herrevadsströmmen and later on the bus picks you up from the north car park. Don’t missv out on a dip in the emerald, green waters.

Photo: Bräcke municipality

Revsunds Brewery

Guided brewery with beer tastings

The summer of 2022 sees the premiere opening for Revsunds Brewery & Destillery’s new brewery premises. The brewery is a well known producer of beer, gin and  whiskey and has won several awards.

Tour participants have the opportunity to join in a guided tour of the brewery, beer of  gin tasting and / or dinner in the new tap room.

Photo: Henrik Spansk

Timetable, booking and payment of ticket

Timetable and prices

Tickets are booked and paid for in the Freelway app, which can be downloaded where apps are available. Register and pay for the tickets easily with a card. Tickets can also be booked online at nortic.se and over the counter at Turistcenter.

Tickets cannot be purchased by the driver or otherwise.

In order for a bus trip to be canceled, a minimum number of seats must be booked, see more info under conditions for the Adventure Bus.

Questions & Answers

What packing can I bring?
It is possible to bring packing, such as a backpack, but keep in mind that the bus’ space is limited.

Can I bring a car cushion / booster cushion for my child?
Yes, car cushion can be brought.


Can I bring a dog on the bus?
No, pets are not allowed on the bus.

Is the ticket valid round trip?
Yes, all tickets are round trip.

How do I buy a ticket?
Ticket purchases are possible in the Freelway app and via the Tourist Center.

How do I recognize the bus?
The buses are marked with “Molunds Trafik AB” or “Taxi Östersund”.

Why is a transfer bus being tested?
– To promote car sharing and thereby strengthen the destination’s sustainability work within environmental and climate perspectives.
– To test a digital service for booking and payment for transfers, where more ancillary services and collaborations can potentially be built on at a later stage.
– To inspire more visitors and residents to take part in all the nature experiences that exist outside the city.
– To promote the development of outdoor experiences in Östersund’s immediate area, for example with ancillary services that can be combined with the transfer solution to create collaborations for more companies.

– To contribute to reduced congestion at parking areas.

What happens after the test period?
After this summer’s test period, it will be evaluated from different perspectives, including feedback from travelers and companies involved. If the result turns out well, Destination Östersund will look at continuing with the Adventure Bus as a way of working.

Questions about the Adventure Bus? Contact Turistcenter Östersund +46 63 701 17 00, alternatively 079-585 19 62 / 070-650 51 86.



General conditions for the Adventure Bus

All passengers must have a valid ticket before boarding the bus, tickets cannot be purchased on board.

In order for a bus trip to be canceled, a minimum number of seats must be booked. The number differs slightly between different departures, for current limits, see heading above Timetable, booking & payment of ticket. If a planned trip has too few booked seats 24h (some trips 2h) before departure, the trip is canceled and all bus tickets are refunded to the travelers who have already booked (excluding card fee, usually SEK 1.80 + 1.4% of ticket price). A notice of canceled trip is sent out with push notices in the Freelway app and via e-mail.


Tours may also be canceled for other reasons, such as severe weather conditions. Admission, equipment or other additional costs for activities are not included in the bus ticket.

If there is a seat belt in your place, you are required by law to use it. Pets are not allowed on the bus. Car cushion / belt cushion can be brought and can also be left in the bus during the excursion.

It is possible to bring a pack (eg backpack), but keep in mind that the bus’ space is limited.

When the trip has been completed, the information about completed trips is retained without connection to the customer’s identity in order to be able to develop the service and in future planning of timetables and in development projects.

The customer may be contacted by Destination Östersund to answer questions about customer satisfaction and more. The customer has the right to receive register extracts and have information deleted in accordance with current legislation.

The information in the customer register is owned by Destination Östersund and is used by Freelway (in cases where tickets are purchased there) for the development of the service.

The information will not be disclosed to third parties. For handling booking, payment and more via the Freelway app, Destination Östersund has an agreement with Freelway AB. Stripe is hired for payment services. Destination Östersund hires Molunds Trafik AB and Taxi Östersund to carry out the actual transport service.

These terms may be updated.