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Vinterparken - Play ground in ice and snow

In the Winter Park, there are children's favorites: the snow castle, the ice and the hockey rink.

In other words, a real eldorado for playful children! Of course you can barbecue in the fireplaces and sit in the loungers and just enjoy.

Here you will also find cable car, tram car track, slack line, ice skating rink, climbing mountain and a sledding hill.

For an updated program about what’s happening in the Winter Park, check out the Winter Park’s website.


Östersund City Centre : 0,5 km
Åre Östersund Airport: 10 km
Östersund train station: 1 km


Snötorget, Östersund
Phone. booking: +46 70 - 231 49 19
Website: vinterparken.se