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Wild Jämtland

Wild Jämtland gives you a genuine and different wildlife experience. Watch bears and other preditors closely from a safe, comfortable and well-hidden spot. Welcome!

You can stay for one night or many in the hideouts, located near Landön. They are ideally situated for viewing and photographing brown bears and other wildlife, which often pass through, and for simply enjoying Jämtland’s pristine environment. Nearby wildlife baiting areas comply with the County Administrative Board of Jämtland’s regulations.

The well-built hideouts offer high comfort with a stove, four full beds, and a smaller side bed. A long-drop toilet is situated outdoors. We can also drive you to the door of one of our hideouts. This hideout is also suitable for people with disabilities thanks to a wheelchair ramp and a larger long drop toilet. A short walk is required to reach the restroom.


  • Disabled Access


Östersund City Centre : 56 km
Åre Östersund Airport: 52 km
Östersund train station: 57 km


Phone. booking: +46 70 6239974