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Art exhibitions

Art Exhibitions in Östersund. A pleasant way to pass the time? A way to awaken creativity? Provocation? We all relate to art differently. Aren’t we lucky that art is flourishing in Östersund? Take part of the art exhibitions guide below, for some new arty experiences.


Arvedelar is an exhibition about the roots and legacy of those who have gone before, about reconciliation, settlement and about the love for Jämtland. A search for where the boundary is for what is home, and above all, who has the right to define that boundary?
Vernissage 1 October, the exhibition is on display until 29 October 2022


Plant-based, meat or insect burgers? Why do we like certain types of food, but screw up our faces at things we’re not used to? And while some people load up their larders in the autumn and devote whole weekends to cooking, others live on ready-made food and are regulars at the local food store or take-away.
Jamtli’s “MAT” (FOOD) exhibition takes you on a food-focused journey through time, looking at our relationship to food, from hunting and fishing a thousand years ago to today’s trends when food is no longer about survival.
Until 31 -December 2022. 


In the summer of 2022, the National Museum Jamtli opens the exhibition Ideal and Reality – Nordic Nature, an exhibition about how Nordic nature is depicted in arts and crafts from the 17th century onwards. During different eras, nature has been perceived as a source of beauty experiences, as an economic resource, research object and identity-creating symbol. The exhibition shows paintings, drawings, photos and handicrafts, all from the National Museum’s collections. Among the artists are names like Anna Boberg, Otto Hesselbom, Pehr Hilleström, Elias Martin, Bruno Liljefors, Helmer Osslund but also more contemporary ones like Frida Fjellman, Kerstin Hörnlund, Ingalena Klenell, Märta Mattsson and Per B Sundberg.

The exhibition will be shown 1 June – 16 April 2023 


Martin “Mander” Ander, Gnesta. The exhibition will be shown  24 September – 9 October

#Färgstänk – Art & Culture project
An art and culture project in Östersunds city center under the name # FÄRGSTÄNK. The idea is to be able to gather all the different cultural genres under one and the same name with the aim of giving a little color in everyday life in the city – big and small! Among other things electrical cabinets is decorated with inspiring motifs from local artists. Map at:

An arty walk – Campus
Take a walk at Campus Östersund, here are works of art by, among others, Lars-Olof Loeld and Pia Nixholm.


See more information over art exhibitions here in the event calendar

  • NMK 28/2022, Olga Lanner, Smideskonst, Ytterfoder, Utf. 1916, Silver Foto: Viktor Fordell

  • NM 7012, Elias Martin, Aspa Bruk, Utf. 1790-talet, Olja på duk