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Art exhibitions

Art Exhibitions in Östersund. A pleasant way to pass the time? A way to awaken creativity? Provocation? We all relate to art differently. Aren’t we lucky that art is flourishing in Östersund? Take part of the art exhibitions guide below, for some new arty experiences.

101 Möten – Lennart Jonasson

The photo exhibition 101 meetings is a look back at Lennart Jonasson’s photography work and the people he met and what they have left with him.
The exhibition will be shown July 24 – September 18 2021


Plant-based, meat or insect burgers? Why do we like certain types of food, but screw up our faces at things we’re not used to? And while some people load up their larders in the autumn and devote whole weekends to cooking, others live on ready-made food and are regulars at the local food store or take-away.
Jamtli’s “MAT” (FOOD) exhibition takes you on a food-focused journey through time, looking at our relationship to food, from hunting and fishing a thousand years ago to today’s trends when food is no longer about survival.
Until 31 -December 2021. 

Nordic myths

An exhibition about storytelling in Nordic art during the 19th century and the early 20th century. During this time, motifs taken from myth, fairy tale and history were popular and employed many of the leading artists. The exhibition contains a number of works by artists such as Carl Larsson, Elsa Beskow, Ernst Josephson and August Malmström. All works in the exhibition belong to the National Museum, which owns rich collections of Nordic and especially Swedish 19th century art. The exhibition will be shown from 18 May 

Nordic – A photo exhibition by Magnus Nilsson

About landscape, food and people. Here are original photographs by master chef Magnus Nilsson, who has become known through his unique star restaurant Restaurang Fäviken Magasinet. Through his photographic story about landscapes, food and people, Magnus shows and investigates the roots of Nordic food culture. The exhibition is shown June 20 – October 24 

Other exhibitions

Gallery Renee – Marie Plosjö is mainly known for her sensual and colorful art and paints in acrylic in intense colors The exhibition will be shown 7 – 22 August, opening 7-8 August 12-16 in the artist’s presence.

Drejeriet Gallery & Shop – KALAS summer – Summer exhibition with Drejeriet’s members. The exhibition is shown 24 June-28 Aug.

See more information over art exhibitions here in the event calendar.

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