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Art exhibitions

Art Exhibitions in Östersund. A pleasant way to pass the time? A way to awaken creativity? Provocation? We all relate to art differently. Aren’t we lucky that art is flourishing in Östersund? Take part of the art exhibitions guide below, for some new arty experiences.

Vikgubbar – Foldable figures

The illustrator Marcus Gunnar Pettersson has brought 219 illustrators together through writing correspondence. The illustrators have together created 55 foldable figures.
Vernissage June 15,
The exhibition is on display June 15 – July 20 2024

As in a mirror 

The exhibition as in a mirror shows portraits spanning five centuries. Here, women, men and children who lived in or worked for Sweden from Vasatid to today are introduced. The artworks show different ideals of appearance and fashion and are expressions of how ideas about status, social identity and profession have changed over the centuries. The exhibition is on display until 16 March

Bengt Ellis Oas – Places of private and secluded beauty

The exhibition is Bengt Ellis’s 100th anniversary and here we get to take part in his artistry which was in constant development. We get to see Bengt Ellis’ magical and different world, places of untouched beauty and seclusion and we get to share his search for the untouched, among other things, when he explored South America and the indigenous people’s relationship with nature.
The exhibition is on display from September 27, 2023 – September 1, 2024

Galleri Remi, Storgatan 62

Members from Friko shows arts & crafts, open every Saturday from 12-4pm


Östersund City Museum is open:
Summer time: June-August, weekdays from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m
Autumn / Winter time: Saturdays at 12.00 – 15.00

Härke Konstcentrum Frösön

Camilia Carlund
The exhibition is on display 6-21 April
Opening hours Monday-Sunday 12-4 PM


#Färgstänk – Art & Culture project
An art and culture project in Östersunds city center under the name # FÄRGSTÄNK. The idea is to be able to gather all the different cultural genres under one and the same name with the aim of giving a little color in everyday life in the city – big and small! Among other things electrical cabinets is decorated with inspiring motifs from local artists. 

Art on electrical cabinets
Along Prästgatan there are ten electrical cabinets decorated with inspiring motifs from local artists.
Here different forms of art forms and artists are mixed for everyone to enjoy. Download the Cityplay app and follow the map to explore the public art gallery located in the city centre. Scan the QR code at each work to find out who is the creator behind the work, etc.

An arty walk – Campus
Take a walk at Campus Östersund, here are works of art by, among others, Lars-Olof Loeld and Pia Nixholm.


See more information over art exhibitions here in the event calendar (Swedish)

  • NMK 28/2022, Olga Lanner, Smideskonst, Ytterfoder, Utf. 1916, Silver Foto: Viktor Fordell

  • NM 7012, Elias Martin, Aspa Bruk, Utf. 1790-talet, Olja på duk