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Östersund has a lot to offer for both young and old. Enjoy lovely walks on one of our proposed hiking trails, make a stop at one of Östersund’s cafes.
The National Museum of Jamtli offers exhibitions from their extensive collections and at the museum you can take the slide through the Storsjöodjuret and then experience an underground landscape.

For those who like movement, a day at the Bowling Hall, the Jungle House or the Multi Challenge entertainment center is suitable. There are also several beautiful islands in Lake Storsjön – Jämtland’s own archipelago.

Check out here, for more tips on what to find during your stay in Östersund.

Höst i Östersund

Vacation in Östersund

Here’s beautiful!
Book your vacation in Östersund – it bubbles with activities and events.

Experience Jamtli, visit art galleries or swim at Storsjöbadet.
Why not take a tour on the bike, take a walk on one of the nice hiking trails and then relax in one of all the cafes that our city offers.

Vinterparken Östersund

Winter days in Östersund

Welcome to beautiful winter days in Östersund. Here you can go downhill ski and cross country ski near the city center, ice skate or spend a whole day in the Winter Park. Try biathlon at the National Swedish Biathlon Arena. Experience the outdoor swimming in the winter bath, the experience is outstanding. Imagine the combination of a hot sauna and a steaming hot tub with the arches of the sky over your head, Frösön and Lake Storsjön as background.