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Hiking in and around Östersund

To have nature close and be able to experience it fully, without everyday demands and stress. Here at the lake Storsjön the mountains are always present and give beautiful views and tranquility.

In the areas of Östersund and Frösön there are many nice places for hiking, where you have both water and forest close by. Pack a backpack with plenty of picnic food and something that quenches thirst, so you can be out and enjoy a whole day.


Nature reserve

Andersön is a popular place were families, exercisers and others who would like to recharge their batteries and calm down for a while goes. The island is a nature reserve and the environment here is, to say the least, fascinating. Long beautiful rocky beaches, knotty pines, ancient monuments and fossils. In the forest there is a myriad of forest paths for anyone who wants to jog, cycle, stroll or pick mushrooms and berries.

Along the beaches there are plenty of nice barbecue areas right next to the water. Last summer’s heat wave transformed Andersön into a clean beach and everyone who lingered past the first rocky bottom was rewarded with the sand bottom a bit out. This is the island for everyone with pleasure. Find your way to Andersön



You can find Bynäset on Frösön at Cronstadsväg. When you have passed Frösö Park Hotel, you will find a sign with Bynäset some metres away and there you turn left down towards the water. Here you will find nice beaches that are found both on the north and south of the peninsula. In popular terms, this area is called “Östersund Riviera”.

The north side offers a long black sand beach, sandy bottom and open grass areas for play and picnics. In the summer there is also a small kiosk open- Västbyviken.

At beautiful Bynäset you can walk, run, cycle around the peninsula on a distance of about: 7 km. Take a backpack with you and walk around the scenic spot. When you feel warm you can take a dip in the lake by the beach. The area is protected because it was previously a military exercise area. The view is something extra special with the sight of Åreskutan and Oviksfjällen.

Naturreservatet Tysjöarna


Nature reserve

Make a nice excursion to Tysjöarna’s Nature Reserve, which is just outside Östersund’s center. As early as April, the air around Tysjöarna is filled with the songs of the cranes and the trumpeting of the swans. Lapwing, Eurasian curlew and ruff are early arrivals on the shoreline. In May and June, the marl fields and the lakes’ shorelines are full of long­legged waders. These include the little ringed plover, temminck’s stint and little stint, which stalk around in the shallow waters.

Tysjöarna is one of the largest marl areas in the world. Apart from the marl fields, there are several springs and richfens with calcareous tufa formations. In the environment that is very calcareous and moist, many rare animals and plants live. Here are a lot of orchids, such as Guckuskoe, meadow keys, forest bud and spider flowers. From the northern entrance there is a ramp up to one of the three bird towers that are set up, where you can spot the birds that come and rest in the reserve. The two lakes are connected by a signposted approximately 7 km long path.


 Find your way to Tysjöarna here: Stigen är 2,5 km lång och går mest på vägar och lättgångna stigar. Partiet över Öneberget, med fornborgen, har en terräng som delvis är brant, men vid den branta nedfarten från berget finns trappor och ledstång.


Nature reserve

At Frösön lies the nature reserve Ändsjön which is Frösön’s only lake. The lake is surrounded by both agricultural land and residential areas and is easy to reach. Ändsjön is a very shallow lake and a perfect place for many sea birds. Around the lake there is a path that is tracked over some of the parties and some information signs. The path is about 2.5-3 km long and passes past the two bird towers set in the reserve.

Find your way to Ändsjön here: Parking space is located at Frösö Skidlek and at Vallaleden where you can start your hike. City buses No. 4 and No. 9 also take you here.