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Self guided food walk

Start your self guided food walk and your taste experience at the Tourist Center Storgatan 27,  here you can get tips and a map to find your way around Östersund.

In Östersund, you can eat at Sweden’s most sustainable pub and the delicatessen shops are filled with local tastes to bring home.


Be sure to shop at Jazzköket Saluhall which sells local delicacies. Continue the taste walk through the city, feel free to take a detour down the road Hamngatan if you are curious about art from our region – here you will find Norra Station with art gallery Lux, Svensson’s frame shop providing colorful works by the county’s pride, one of Sweden’s most recognized naivists, Primus Mortimer Pettersson.
Here is also Hamngatan 12 Magasinet, a little more than a cafe, a little more than an interior design shop.

At the harbor you will find Storsjöhyttan, which, among other things, produces its own series of drinking glasses, Jämtlandsservisen. On the pedestrian street, Prästgatan, you are greeted by the aroma of freshly ground coffee from TeloGott, the town’s oldest confectionery shop where you can also buy a lot of goodies in chocolate.

Further down the road we recommend a stop at Gaupa. A store that sells everything from home-knit socks to blankets.

Tivars Gårdsmejeri on the Island Norderön, is a pearl located close to Verkö Slott. To Verkö Slott you will either take the ferry in summertime or the ice road in wintertime. At Tivars you can taste the farm’s own cheeses, combined with specially selected wines. The restaurant is located right on the beach of lake Storsjön with a view of “Storsjöflaket” and Oviksfjällen.

Once back in Östersund you must not miss, the city’s most prized pub, Jazzköket. A kitchen with bakery, a dining room, a living room with a stage and a courtyard. Ecology and sustainability go hand in hand with creativity, food enjoyment and close relationships with local farmers, hunters and producers. In the courtyard, delicious sourdough pizzas are baked in the wood stove during warm summer evenings in an atmosphere that is like a rush of food joy and vitality.

Enjoy your tasty tour!