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Biking in Östersund

Östersund is a city bubbling with cycling. There is something for everyone here and Östersund is now a city on the lips of many cyclists, come and join us!

It’s not that strange, because here are miles of country roads that invite you to fine and varied cycling. Both for those who are in a bit of a hurry and for those who take their usual bicycle to one of the summer peaks that is opened during the summer.
There are endless of opportunities for different kinds of mountain biking and many people to ride a bike with. Whether you like downhill biking, technical trails, looking for flow or most of all just packing your bike a backpack with coffee and bike easy trails and dirty roads, there is something that suites everbody.
At Badhusparken (down by the harbour), both adults and children hang out on the pump track and outdoors at Frösö Park, the Swedish Championship in Mountain biking has been organized for several years.

Mountainbike cyklister


Bike on paths!

The people that live in Östersund are an outdoor-loving people and it is clearly visible on all the beautiful trails around town. Thanks to hikers, runners and riders, has  Östersund become a mecca for trail cyclists and here are some tips for some nice tours.

At Bynäset, which offers fine cycling around the peninsula surrounded by the waters of the lake Storsjön.

The area at Spikbodarna offers livestock paths in magical pine forest and at Lillsjön with one part of a road with gravel and one part of paved road. Here you can also take a bath in the nearby lake.


Just outside Frösön Airport and Frösö Park lies the fine peninsula Bynäset, which offers Frösön’s perhaps finest cycling. There are about 8 km of slightly messy and technical trails that bring out the playfulness in you. The view of Lake Storsjön and the mountains is incredibly beautiful and constantly with you during the tour. If you choose to cycle the trail anticlockwise the trail will go slightly downhill. Along the trail there are places to rest and sit for a while and also several  beaches to attend a nice summer evening. Bynäset was formerly a military exercise area and has been closed to the public for many years.

Three years ago, the trail that opened to the public and the municipality of Östersund has renovated it. Bynäset has quickly become one of the city’s finest recreational areas for cycling, hiking and running.

To reach Bynäset, follow the signs to Frösö Park then west towards Rödön. You then turn left onto Bynäsetvägen and after a few hundred meters following the road you will reach a large parking lot. The trail starts around Bynäset by passing the red portals.


A little outside of Östersund and Frösön lies Fugelsta. One of all small villages along Lake Storsjön. In a forest area above Marieby Church, there are world-class trails where firefighters have been building paths since 2008. There is something for everyone, young, old and beginners. There are no steep downhill slopes only fine flow on narrow paths through the forest down to the lake. Some trails are a bit more technically challenged with roots and blades while others are smooth and fast. The paths “Brunflow” and “Världsmästarstigen” offers dosed curves and some jumps you can roll over. Next to the forest edge there is also a pump track. Many of the trails have a sign with their name to help you find them.
The main trail of about 15 km is marked in red on the trees and starts next to the pump track and takes you up to Svartsjöarna and then turns back down again. You pass the very finest paths with short sections of transport on dirty roads. The trails are nice to ride even with a simpler mountain bike with cushioning at the front.
All Fugelsta’s trails can be found in the Trailforks app. On Facebook there are “Fugelsta cykelstigar” and there you can find more information.

To get to Fugelsta you cross the bridge Vallsundsbronand turn left towards Brunflo. Just before Marieby church, you should turn right and follow Svartsjövägen a bit up until you reach a sign with: Brunkulla lokal.
There you can park and reach the paths easily.

Landsvägscykling Östersund

Road cycling

Brunfloviken around

Östersund’s finest country road cycling. Most of the cycling around Östersund, especially the one on a race bike, takes place near Lake Storsjön.

For example, cycling Brunfloviken around is a classic for the city’s road cyclists who measure around 40 km.

Other routes such as the round past Krokom, Nälden and Ytterån with a distance of 80 km, or the route where you pass two municipalities during the cycle ride.

It is also a stretch that is run every national day during the enriching exercise race Jämthjulingen. The tour is incredibly beautiful on a summer day and the hike is nice and comfortable and suits most people. If you start from the Badhusparken and go round the clock, you get the finest part at the end. To Brunflo, you can get via cycle paths towards Ope and then along the E45 through Brunflo to turn down at the railway crossing and follow the road down to the junction. There you turn right and then follow the rolling country road through many of “Annersias” nice villages before reaching the bridge Vallsundsbron and take you over to Frösön and on to the Badhusparken.

Kännåsen-Dille and Rödön

Through this round,you pass two municipalities and get around 30 km of fine cycling. The tour is fairly hilly and mostly goes over less busy roads. You start in  Badhusparken and follow the walkway towards Lugnvik and then follow the signs to Kännåsen. When you reach Kännåsen, turn left at the village’s only intersection and follow the road to the next intersection. There you turn right and then left towards Dille and Landsom. Here you pass many fine farms and have the mountains in the fund. After crossing E14, take the left and follow the road through Ösa and Ås back to Lugnvik and the same way back to Badhusparken.

Krokom-Nälden and Ytterån

Another classic is the slightly longer trip over Krokom and Ytterån which measures about 80 km. It follows the same route as the round over Kännåsen but instead of turning in towards Dille you continue and then take the road towards Kattstrupeforsen and Aspåsnäset and then fold down towards Krokom. From there, you can cycle a few kilometers on the E14 towards Åre before taking off and following the signage towards Nälden and then Vaplan and Ytterån. Once in Ytterån you then follow signs for Rödön and Frösön and get a stretch which, on a nice summer day, offers beautiful views towards Bydalsfjällen and where you pass many farmhouses. This round offers some climbs but also some nice downhill slopes.

Stigcykling Andersön


Andersön nature reserv

If you like to pack the bike basket with coffee and make a day trip, it is good to cycle from Östersund out to the nature reserve Andersön. Here are many nice barbecue places and opportunities to swim on a hot summer day.

From Badhusparken in central Östersund, there is about 19 km of easy road and you follow bike paths out to the bridge Vallsundsbron and on to Orrviken and follow the signs to Andersön.

The easiest tracks is the downhill tracks that runs alongside Ladängsbacken.
It can handle anyone who has a bit of a cycling habit and can be driven with a bicycle with only front dampening. If you still want to ride a trail on the mountain, there are a bit nicer trails and hiking trails between the ski tracks that you can cycle. One tip is to always walk the intended path beforehand so as not to be surprised when you sit on the bike. Some of the trails are excellent with bicycle signs and color markings. Red and black mean that it is a more difficult path. Well worth thinking about. Östberget has the opportunity for lift-mounted cycling a few days a week starting down at Gustavsbergsbacken.

To reach the lift-borne bicycle, follow the signs to Gustavsbergsbacken out on Frösön. You make parking at the lift facility. On days when the lift is not open, it is easiest to cycle up to the view tower on the mountain. When you cross the footbridge over to Frösön you cycle up Trädgårdsvägen, take a left onto Byvägen and follow it towards Tanne. Then, turn right onto Toppvägen which leads up to the view tower.

Enduro cykling Östersund

Downhill and Enduro

Östberget at Frösön

On Frösön lies Östberget, which in wintertime is the ski area of ​​the town.
In summertime it is a paradise for those who want to bike.

The routes are many and of different character and difficulty. Overall, it is more technical and difficult paths and a bit difficult for the beginner. Down towards the side of Hornsberg of Frösön and Gustavsbergsbacken there are trails with larger drips, difficult rock sections and steep slopes that challenge.

The lift at Gustavsbergsbacken is for cyclists Tuesdays and Thursdays June 2-25, 5-9 pm . From mid-August, the lift will go evenings again. For those who do not have their own bike, or want to try a real downhill bike, Lagg & Hoj rent out all equipment.

See all trails here.

Downhill Frösön

Bike rental

Rent your bike at Lagg & Hoj

If you do not have your own bike or would like to try a new one, you can rent a bike at Lagg & Hoj, which is located on Frösön. In the summer you can also join Lagg & Hoj on a guided bicycle tour, to the most beautiful view of the town, to a café with delicious ice-cream or to a nice place for swimming.

Visit Lagg & Hoj for more information and bike rental.

Find the right way with a map

Bicycle map of Östersund with detailed descriptions of where to find the right bike path. Available to fetch at Visit Östersund (tourist centre) or to download in PDF format Bicycle Map

The bicycle map was created by Green Traffic at the municipality of Östersund. The suggestions for bicycle tours have been prepared in collaboration with the bicycle promotion. Green traffic is Östersund municipality’s business for more sustainable transport and aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, among other things, by making it easier to choose the bicycle in the daily travel.

Cyklekarta Östersund