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Sweden is full of tales and stories and for several hundred years it has been told that the water surface of Storsjön – The Great Lake is not only moved by wind and waves, here there is something mysterious and exciting beneath the surface, said to be Storsjöodjuret – The great lake monster.

The story about Storsjöodjuret – The Great Lake Monster
The story of Storsjöodjuret The Great Lake Monster is about 400 years old, and as early as 1635 there are legends written down about a monster in the lake. During the 19th century, Storsjöodjuret was seen more and more often, and from the 20th century it has appeared almost every summer, and through the centuries, there are about 500 people who claim to have seen the monster.

On the Lookout
Scouting for Storsjöodjuret is an exciting adventure. Make sure to bring a packed lunch, dress according to the weather, and pack binoculars and a camera. Who knows, perhaps you will capture the best and most exciting photo of the year ?

Observation spots:
Vallsundet bridge Frösön
Sunne Church ruin
Tibrandshögen Rödön
Håkansta by the ferry dock
Trångsvikens harbour
Hackås Church

You can also take the opportunity to scout from Badhusparken or along the shores of Storsjön. A boat trip with M/S Thomée to Verkön can also provide excellent scouting positions. The Great Lake Monster enjoys warm and clear summer weather. The observations that have been made throught the years often occurred during beautiful and calm summer days, but also during the Autumn and, on one occasion, even in December in the newly formed ice on the lake.

At Jamtli, you can slide down through the belly of the Storsjöodjuret to reach the interesting exhibitions about the monster. Here you can view pictures, see the large trap that was used in the 19th century to try to catch Storsjöodjuret and listen to exciting stories from people who have met the monster.

Birger the Little Great Lake Monster
The little Storsjöodjuret Birger is Östersund’s popular mascot and is often seen during events. He lives with his father Storsjöodjuret and his friend the yellow fish deep in Lake Storsjön. Birger enjoys going on treasure hunts, loves eating cake for breakfast, and tickle little children’s feet while they are swimming.

Discover the book series about Birger – the little Storsjöodjuret at Nestorville.se or drop by the Tourist Center to check out the books, Birger’s craft book, the soft toy Birger and Birger sweets.

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  • Bynäset vandringsstig och badplats

    Foto: joaklind

  • Två personer sitter på en sten och spanar ut vid Storsjön