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Go ice skating

Cold nights and winter sun is a perfect combination for days on ice skates.

MEDVINDEN/Winter park track system

Long-distance skating rinks, cleared walking paths and prepared ski trails are included in the Vinterparken’s track system on Storsjön.
MEDVINDEN (with reservation for weather and ice conditions)
The long-distance skating rink Medvinden stretches from Östersund harbor to Kungsgårdsviken, a scenic path with the mountains on the horizon. On the way you can stop and rest in one of our windshields.

Boarding places after the courses:
• Vinterparken/Badhusparken
• Frösö Strand
• Härke
• Kungsgårdviken


A 400 meter long skating rink made on natural ice. Ovalen is situated on the Campus area close to the citycentre, where the former regiment was housed.


Public ice skating at Östersund Arena
In Östersund, the public skating takes place at Östersund Arena in either the A-hall, the B-hall or at the bandyground. There is no possibility to rent or borrow equipment at Östersund Arena. The bandy ground can also be used by the public when it is empty. If you want to know more please contact the municipality’s information centre at:
Telephone:+46 (0)63-14 30 00 or E-mail: kundcenter@ostersund.se

Rental and shop

In Sjöbutiken, the shop in the harbour next to Badhusparken it’s possible to rent or buy equipment for a successful day in the winter park.
In the shop you can find long-distance skates, sledges, kicks and other equipment. You can also borrow sledges, mattresses and helmets free of charge.
Contact: E-mail: vinterparken@storsjoyran.se Phone: +46 (0)70-231 49 19

At Stadionbutiken, which is located by Östersund’s ski stadium, they rent out long-distance skates, including ice studs and boots.