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Fishing in Östersund

Östersund is a city that offers exciting fishing possibilities. On the one hand you can fish for salmonids right in the city. On the other, you are close to fantastic fishing waters with Östersund as your base. Float along beautiful rivers or row in calm waters. And still be back in the city for the evening. If that’s what you want.

There is fishing for all levels of interest; family fishing in a boat for perch and pike, angling along Lake Storsjön’s shore, or more challenging fly-fishing in rivers for brown trout or grayling. Or why not try your hand at catching one of the biggest types of lake trout at Landösjön lake?

Fishing is a way to be at one with nature, to create your own adventure. It requires a little humility, and that you focus all your senses on one single thing – catching fish. But you get so much in return: being out in nature, excitement and spiritual harmony. So, get yourself out fishing and enjoy the experience that you and nature create together.


Family fishing close at hand

In Lillsjön lake, just 10 minutes from the city centre, there is easily accessible and free family fishing for pike, perch and stocked rainbow trout.

Ösjön lake some 20 km to the east has Arctic char, brown trout and boats for hire.

What’s more, in the area around Östersund there are a number of lakes with marvellous fishing for perch and pike. Congestion is non-existent. Look for your very own lake at

On the hunt for the big catch

For many recreational anglers, fishing is all about catching those really big fish. Fish that weigh many kilos, and that are longer than your arms.

The ones that mean you don’t have to lie when your fish tale is to be told. Näkten and Locknesjön lakes, just outside of Östersund, are where you’ll find such fish.

Large brown trout, Arctic char and don’t forget the huge pike. And Landösjön lake is home to the largest lake trout in Sweden. Fishing for these types of fish obviously requires more; knowledge, a boat, perseverance and so on. But you really do have a chance of catching the biggest fish.



If you prefer river fishing, there are plenty of good opportunities.

Långan and Hårkan rivers flow into Indalsälven river just some 20 km to the east of Östersund.

Further west you’ll find Kvitsleströmmarna rivers, immediately upstream from the inlet of Indalsälven river into Lake Storsjön. All three have good currents that are home to grayling and brown trout.

River fishing also requires slightly more of you as the angler, but it is not at all impossible. You need to know how to use angling rods with a spinner reel or fly rods. Fly fishing works best with a nymph or a dry fly on the trace. The high quality of the fishing in this area is evidenced by the many recreational anglers that travel from afar to tussle with river fish in the wilderness. And it never gets particularly crowded.

City fishing for grayling

If you are lucky, you can catch grayling at Badhusparken, in the very centre of Östersund. It’s a unique opportunity; there are few cities that can offer such exclusive fishing.

Grayling is a salmonid, related to the brown trout, but with a different appearance and behaviour. It is a very popular fish, both for recreational fishing and for eating. Bottom fishing using bait (maggots) or fly fishing with floats can result in fish for dinner that is caught with your very own hands. Rod fishing in Lake Storsjön is free, no fishing permit is needed.

If you prefer to fish in a more remote place, Bynäset and the north side of Frösön offer exciting grayling fishing. The views of Oviksfjällen and Åre mountains are stunning from here. And if you really have fishing luck on your side, you might even catch a brown trout.

More information

More information about fishing is available at the Tourist center, in angling shops and via
Contact the relevant fishery conservation area if you have any questions. What are you waiting for? There’s fishing for everybody here. Go and try your luck with fishing, it’s just around the corner.