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Climbing is about balance, strength and agility. A complex activity that can be both challenging and entertaining. You get the nature experience for free. In Östersund you can practice the sport without even having to leave the city. On Frösöberget it has been climbed for over 70 years and today it offers just over a hundred trails of varying difficulty. Some trails take you above the treetops and offer views of both Storsjön and the city. Remember to acquire the necessary knowledge and experience before embarking on your own climbing adventures. In Östersund, the easiest way to fix this is at: Östersunds Klättercenter.

Three suggestions for climbing near Östersund

Frösöberget If you look across the strait towards Frösön, you will see rock walls jutting up over the old-growth forest on the right-hand side. Here you will find the Östersund climbers’ home rock. Frösöberget offers a variety of climbing routes just a few kilometers cycling from the city center. It is mainly about so-called sport climbing secured with bolts. For the experienced climber, “Morsan’s muscles” (6c +) and “Be happy” (6c) are tips for good climbing as well as the trail “Sunda Simpor” (6b). In the slightly simpler grades, “Virgo” (4c) and “Retardo” (5b) are gold nuggets. If you want to climb on your own fuses, “Stora diedret” (5a) is recommended.

During warm summer evenings, this is the cliff that applies as the east-facing position provides shade from the afternoon and just enough coolness for climbing. You have the greatest chance of meeting local climbers on Tuesday evenings when young and old meet to socialize and climb together. You can find the climb by following Bergsgatan north until the buildings end and you will find an industrial site above the road. Just north of the plot begins the steep path that finds its way up through the forest to the cliffs. If you come by bike, you park in the forest, for the car there is parking by the road.


Fifty miles east of Östersund, a mighty rock wall rises over the pine forest and the village of Stugun. Stuguberget is Jämtland’s most famous climbing area and with its southern location a perfect excursion destination before or after the hottest summer period. You can often find sun-warmed and climbable cliffs here, while in Västjämtland you still have full skiing. The 80 meter high rock wall offers varied climbing secured with a bolt or wedge. The area also has a handful of lower rock walls. In total, there are a couple of hundred different climbing routes in all levels of difficulty. Wind protection is available for overnight stays.


Halfway to Stugun there are several areas for bouldering near the Indalsälven – Svarthögen, Västanbäck and Udden. Other nice boulder areas: Välaberget just south of Undersåker, there is also a rock for rope climbing. At Forsaleden there is some bouldering but above all nice bathing places. More information about climbing in Jämtland can be found at Östersunds Klätterklubbs homepage

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