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The beautiful Winter Park

The winter park is the natural meeting place in Östersund during the winter. Here, families with children, sun worshipers, exercisers and those who just want to enjoy the view of Storsjön and Frösön are mixed.

The winter park opens 3 February 2024 and is a place for relaxation and unwinding. Here you meet for lunch or take a fitness walk across the ice, families go sledding together, grill sausages and socialize, in the middle of the week free people sink into the sun loungers or take a ride on the plowed skating rinks. The winter park offers something for everyone. Every year, a little different news appears, such as a winter gallery or mini-antique shop, and in the evenings, effect lighting lights up on the ice.


The winter Playa

The popular Vinterplayan is located on Lake Storsjön’s ice, next to the shoreline. Every day, lots of deckchairs and blankets are put out for visitors to enjoy free of charge.

In good weather, the playa is full of guests enjoying the views and the sunshine.

Birgers Playground

Birger the little Great lake monster has become a well known mascot in Östersund. In the Winter Park, all children are invited to Birger’s Playland, which consists of a large snow castle shaped like Birger. Here you can also borrow sledges, snow sliders and helmets when the kids want to explore the castle and slide down the slope.


Long-distance skating track

Medvinden is a groomed long-distance skating course that runs for miles over Lake Storsjön’s ice. You can use it in all sorts of ways: skating or cross-country skiing, walking or on a kick sled.

See status of the ice & weather at Vinterparken.se


In the Café or your own BBQ

Vinterparken has several options for hungry visitors. Café Badhusparken serves delicious lunches, baked goods, salads and sandwiches. Vinterparken also sells hot dogs, coffee and hot chocolate.

On weekends it also serves a local classic, kolbullar – thick bacon pancakes – with lingonberry jam and a hearty soup.


An adventure area

Isleken is an adventure area on natural ice with obstacles and challenges for children and an area for ice hockey games.

Winter park museum

Mini format on wheels

The Winter Park Museum – a truly unique small park museum on four wheels. Welcome to unique exhibitions in mini format!

The Adventure

Pedal car, slackline and skating rink

Here there are attractions such as a cable car, rail hill, pedal car track, slackline and skating rink.

Public bath Vinterparken


Sauna, hot tub and a cold dip

Vinterbadet is a fantastic experience! Warm up in the sauna before you jump into a wood-fired hot tub overlooking Lake Storsjön and Frösön. If you dare, there’s a hole in the ice where you can take a freezing cold dip.

Vinterbadet can be booked for groups every day during the winter. It is open to the general public Wednesday evenings  3 February –  30 April 18-20 PM

Book your place minimum 2 days before +46 (0)70-231 49 19


More information at Vinterparken.se