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Paddling time

Experiencing lakes and watercourses with a paddle!

To experiencing lakes and watercourses with a paddle in your hand brings a special closeness to water and nature. Enthusiasts often talk about a sense of freedom and simplicity, and that it can be both soothing, and somewhat strenuous when the wind blows in the “wrong” direction.


Lakes and streams around Östersund and in Jämtland

In the areas around Östersund and all over Jämtland there is a diversity of lakes and watercourses that are just perfect for paddling. From a try-out trip to being out for several days with accommodation, we have it all. If you don’t have your own canoe, there are several places that rent them out. See the links further down. They can also give you tips and good advice, and some also offer guided tours. So, get on out for your very own adventure.

All water-based activity requires common sense. Always use a life jacket. Remember that Lake Storsjön is a big lake, as its name suggests in Swedish. That means that the winds can suddenly whip up making the waves choppier. This is also the case on some of the other larger lakes. Checking the weather forecast before leaving for a longer tour and adapting the trip based on your skills, the waves and the wind direction is recommended.

Take care of nature. Do not leave rubbish behind you, be careful lighting campfires, always use existing fireplaces and avoid disturbing the wildlife.

Have a good trip!


Lake Storsjön

Sweden's 5th largest lake

The fact that Östersund is located next to the 5th largest lake in Sweden means that there are wonderful opportunities directly on our doorstep. Gliding along the mirror-like surface of Lake Storsjön on a still summer evening, with the snow-capped mountains in view is unbeatable. You choose whether you are content with a short trip between Surfbukten and Badhusparken, or whether you dare to embark on a longer tour. For those who are fit and familiar with paddling, a tour around Frösön island (some 30 km) might be an exciting challenge. But there’s a whole range of options in between. A tour around Andersön island (just over 10 km) offers wonderful views of the mountains, Vallsundet sound and Frösön. The shores are perfect for going ashore, in particular on the eastern side.

You can cool off with a refreshing dip, or in chillier weather, why not light a fire at one of the barbecuing areas and enjoy a barbecued bite to eat perhaps with freshly brewed coffee.


Another fine tour starts from the city, follows along the shoreline of Frösön, passes through Vallsundet sound and then continues into the bay between Frösön and Bynäset. There are lovely beaches for a well-deserved break at the furthest-in point of the bay.


Most people opt for a kayak for paddling on Lake Storsjön. It is slightly more suitable than a canoe, especially if the lake is a little choppy. However, kayaks might also feel trickier for beginners to handle, not least when getting in and out.

Kayaks can be hired at Tivars gård  on Norderön directly on Lake Storsjön. It is a lovely departure point for tours around and between Norderön and Verkön islands, where you can also go onshore for a snack or lunch at Verkö slott.


Other lakes

Nearby Östersund

All around Östersund there are plenty of lakes of all shapes and sizes that are suitable for paddling. Lake Locknesjön with its green calcareous water is situated just a bit outside of Östersund.  About 20 km south of the city you’ll find the long narrow lake Näkten. With so many small islands and bays, it offers an interesting and widely varied experience. If you go 20 km or further from Östersund south-east down the E14, you’ll come to lake Revsund. If you have the whole day, then a tour around Ammerön island is lovely, with paddling through narrow sounds and tight stretches. To the west of Östersund along the E14, both Alsensjön and Näldsjön lakes are easily accessible.

Flowing waters

Rivers and flowing waters

If you fancy paddling in flowing waters several options are available to you, anything from calmly flowing streams to more challenging waters with rapids. The latter obviously requires that you have more experience. Indalsälven, Långan and Hårkan that are all rivers to the north of Östersund offering a wide variety of paddling experiences, from simple day trips to tours of several days with accommodation. There are also plenty of good opportunities to combine paddling with fishing, for example for brown trout and grayling.

Lits camping & kanot is a campsite and canoe and kayak rental centre, where they have compiled a range of different tour options along three watercourses.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, want to be out for half a day or a whole week, there is something for you. You can also get tips and advice from the staff here who can help you choose a suitable option.


The beautiful natural setting next to Hårkan’s beach makes the campsite a perfect departure point. For beginners wanting to try out a day trip, a tour to Blåberget of 8 km one way easily upstream, is one of the recommendations. Another option for a day trip is paddling downstream along Indalsälven. There are pretty islands along the northern shore of the river that are suitable for a break. Allow for having to work harder upstream on the way back. If you do not want to paddle “there and back” along the same route, or if you want to be out for a few days, the canoe centre also offers transportation.


Paddling in the mountains

Mountain experiences

If you fancy paddling in a mountain milieu, Ånnsjön lake some 20 km from the Norwegian border is an exciting option. The entire Jämtland mountain range stretches out before you to the south of the lake, with Snasahögarna, Bunnerfjällen and Sylarna in view.
Kayaks and canoes can be rented at Klocka gård located a couple of kilometres west of the hamlet of Ånn. A tour on Ånnsjön lake can easily be combined with fine paddling upstream along Enan.

At Ånnsjön the birdlife is also rich and interesting.

Canoe kayak rental

At Tivar’s farm on Norderön you can rent a kayak and if you like to start your tour somewhere else, there are kayak stands for rent.

Maybe you want to experience several days free from the city’s life and movement! At Lits Camping & canoe you can rent a canoe, get great tips on day trips, multi-day trips or trips up to two weeks.

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