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Microbreweries & local beer

A tiny bird whispered in our ear that aside from Gotland, Jämtland has more breweries per inhabitant than any other county in Sweden. We just love small-scale, local craftsmanship and the feeling of creating something for oneself, with complete control of the contents.

Below we provide you tips on some of the county’s local breweries. New ones are popping up all the time, so let us know if we have missed out your favourite.

Menytavla från artut


Östersundsbryggerier is made up of two microbreweries, Östersunds Nya Ångbryggeri and Jemtehed & Brande, that have joined forces to offer really high-quality beer primarily to the local market.
Östersunds Nya Ångbryggeri is the city brewery that brews classic beers of the best conceivable quality, using traditional craftsmanship. Beers include pilsner, dunkel and a classic wheat beer.  

Jemtehed & Brande creates beers with a difference that appeal to a more curious customer group. These include imperial stout, oak-barrel aged Quad, sour beer and hoppy varieties. The names of the beers are sure to awaken your curiosity… Tart Passion Fruit Berliner Weisse, New Mighty Mofaza, Eureka, Johnny Quad, The Preacher and The Pacifier. 


Jämtlands bryggerier

Jämtlands Bryggeri

Jämtlands Bryggeri was founded in 1995 and (in a county that is unofficially its own republic) the very first beer brewed was naturally called President.
Since then they have created many new types and today have 16 beers, including 
Bärnsten, Steamer and Postiljon – and of course their popular Christmas and Easter beers. 

Jämtlands Bryggeri is one of Sweden’s most acclaimed breweries and over the years has won more than 130 medals at the Stockholm Beer and Whiskey Festival.  


Ölsorter från Revsunds Brewery

Revsunds Brewery

Bräcke is where we find Revsunds Brewery. It was founded in 2016 and they focus on providing products with local names, designs and flavours.

This is a smaller microbrewery that nonetheless has some 10 products available in Systembolaget’s range.

And who wouldn’t be curious about drinks with names like Wicked mountain, Stuck in a half Nelson and Meet old man witty and snowman witti? 


Åre Bryggcompagni

A creative mountainside microbrewery with some 10 varieties of beer at Systembolaget with names like Lekatt, Community, Winter ale, The milky way, Mirabelle and Fjällen

Åre Bryggcompagni has also created a new beer together with one of Östersund’s restaurants, Artut Pizza & Bärs, called Artut Special Bitter which is available in Systembolaget’s temporary range. 


Where can you enjoy a local beer?

In Östersund we like to support local producers, and our pubs and restaurants are no exception to this.
JazzköketArtut Pizza & Bärs, The Bisho
p’s Arms, Dalwhinnie and Norra Station all offer a wide range of local beers.

A few carefully selected beers are also served at places such as Sir Winston and Vezzo, and on-board the M/S Thomée steamboat.