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Shop in Östersund

Östersund’s alleys are bordered by small cozy shops that invite god shopping of crafts and handy craft items.
On the major streets Storgatan and Prästgatan you will find the chain department stores with sporting goods, general goods and clothing.

Just this mix is ​​what makes the shopping in Östersund unique!

Easy to shop in Östersund!

In Östersund it is easy to shop.

The city center is small and easy to walk through. The shops are close to each other and alleys and other shopping areas are well intertwined.

In addition to our small shops with everything from local handy craft products, sales of food crafts, ice cream making and other art from the county, there are also the larger chain stores with sports goods, groceries and clothing.

Along Prästgatan in the middle of the city you also have two malls – Mittpunkten and Kärnan with several shops and restaurants under one roof.