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Brunflo Bike Park

A small arena for mountain biking for everyone from 8-9 years and older! The park consists of a number of machine-built and natural trails with different jumps, curves and challenges for all levels.

The park has two jumping trails, a larger one that is about 400 m long and consists of 9 jumps and a smaller and lighter one with 4 smaller jumps and rollers.
In the forest there are also 6-7 trails in different combinations with jumps, curves, wallride and bridges. If the jump feels a little too challenging, there is always an easier way past.

A balance track in wood is also available.
It is recommended to use a mountain bike or BMX bike and of course ALWAYS a helmet.

As the area is always open to everyone, all cycling also takes place at your own risk. Brunflo Bike Park can be found beautifully located by the electric light track in the center of Brunflo. There are barbecue facilities in the area. At the start there is bicycle washing.

Brunflo Bike Park has a Facebook page with current info.


Östersund city centre: 16 km
Åre Östersund Airport: 28 km
Östersund train station: 15 km


Rosenlundsvägen 65, Brunflo