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Outdoor gym

Try one of all the outdoor gyms in Östersund and on Frösön! Here are some tips on nice outdoor gym facilities.

Frösö Park offers an inviting training park just outside the hotel. Take on the obstacle course and you forget that you are training, it is guaranteed to be fun as it sounds. There is also a challenging outdoor gym with various stations right next to the obstacle course. After the workout, you can continue into the spa area and enjoy swimming and relaxation and it is guaranteed to be a wonderful day. Obstacle course and outdoor gym are free to use. frosoparkhotel

About 1.5 km from Östersunds Centrum is one of the newest additions to an outdoor gym in Östersund. Next to the outdoor gym is a pump track with a fun track that is always open for young and old, here you can go- skate boarding, rollerblades, kickbike and bike. Dalhemsparken

The activity path at Tallbacken
Discover some of the old military’s tracks, here it has been a training area for many years. The area is located just below ICA Maxi supermarket at the “stadsdelnorr” area and has an outdoor gym, playground, barbecue area, dirt bike track for bicycles and exercise tracks.

Remonthagen is scenically surrounded by forests and green areas. There are ski and electric light trails directly adjacent to the area and an outdoor gym located on the meadow.

Jamtli Gym
Located just outside the Jamtli area with a focus on mobility. There are machines for, among other things, rowing and shoulder presses as well as a cross trainer. Also equipped for dips and balance training. Map