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  • Löpträning Östersund

Train with others

In Östersund there are several groups that offer training together in groups. A great way to get company and really get out and move. Most groups are on Facebook, as training forums, where they post upcoming offers and activities to participate in.

BeAktiv brings together everyone who likes running and exercise in general. In this group, it is free to arrange spontaneous sessions, inspire and give each other tips about races etc.
The training sessions are always free. BeAktiv is also available in the Strava training log, where you can share each other’s rounds.
BeAktiv – Träningsforum i Östersund | Facebook

Happy Ride Östersund The idea is to bring together everyone who likes to cycle, regardless of club membership etc. to be able to more easily organize spontaneous training sessions. They are not a cycling club but a gathering place for everyone who likes cycling, MTB as well as road. No fixed training times, but anyone can throw out a question about in the group at any time. This group can also be found on the Strava training log as a club: Happyride Östersund.
Happyride Östersund | Facebook

She Rides Östersund & Åre is passionate about creating an open arena for everyone who wants to cycle – beginners to competitive cyclists. Through community and healthy values, they want to influence cycling to become more equal and that everyone is given equal conditions to practice it regardless of level. By joining this Östersund/Åre group, you are part of the large community that exists all over the country! It costs nothing and everyone who shares our values ​​is welcome.
She Rides Östersund & Åre | Facebook

Inlöparna Everyone who wants to increase health and community by running together meets and does just that. Every Wednesday, all year round! They meet outside Café Tingshuset in central Östersund to exercise together for about 1 hour. (Samuel Permans gata 13) Preferably wear soft clothes and shoes that are comfortable to walk or run in. The activity is FREE and you do not need to register that you will participate. Every Wednesday at 19.00 – 20.00.
Inlöparna – spring för innanförskap | Facebook