Fabulous fishing right around the corner

Catch game fish in the city? Really? Of course. In Östersund, if you use the right fishing technique you can catch grayling in Badhusparken park in the very centre of the city. Or from the shores of Frösön. And it is not really that difficult.

Through bottom fishing with bait or fly casting with a float you can land your own fish for lunch or dinner. Fishing with a rod is free on Lake Storsjön, no permits are needed. If you prefer to fish in more solitude, the beaches along Bynäset or the north side of Frösön also provide interesting fishing for grayling. And the views of the mountains and Åreskutan peak are amazing from here. If you are really in luck, you might even catch a brown trout.

Family fishing
In the Lillsjön nature area just 10 minutes from the centre, there is an easily accessible and free family fishing area for perch, pike and stocked rainbow trout. And if you fancy fishing from a boat on a lake, try Lake Ösjön by the village of Lillsjöhögen just some 20 km away. Rental boats, trout and arctic char await the eager fisher. The fishing there is best in early summer.


Stream fishing
For those who like to fish in running waters, there are plenty of options. The Långan and Hårkan rivers run into the Indalsälven river at Lit, just 20 km or so to the north of Östersund. Both have lovely streams with good populations of grayling and trout. Fishing in rivers requires a little more skill. You need to be able to manage a fishing rod with a spinner or a fly cast. Fishing works best with a fly-fishing rod and a nymph or dry fly on the line. The fact that many fishing specialists travel a long way for the wilderness river fishing is a testimony to the quality of the fishing. No need to worry about any crowds, for sure. You can easily find your very own piece of water here.

So what are you waiting for? There is something for everybody. Get out and test your luck at fishing. You’ll find it just around the corner.

Text: Ingemar Näslund

Fishing licenses are available at Visit Östersund for Hårkan and Långan. Fishing licenses are also available at Landbys Jakt & Fiske and from plenty of other places.